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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Monday Night RAW November 23, 2009

Previously posted on my blog WWE GirlNY
Raw Results November 30, 2009-- RAW's guest host Monday night was non other than Verne Troyer. Many people remember from the Austin Power's movies, as mini-me.

New theme video began the show not sure if I like will take time to get use to that's for sure. They are coming live from Baltimore Maryland.

Tonight there will be match between Kofi Kingston and Randy Orton. As many have noticed lately these two men have been going after each other since Randy Orton lost his title, and for some reason blames loosing it on Kofi Kingston.

First to start the show out comes Chris Jericho and Big Show, there is a noticeable gap between the men, Jericho coming out first leaving a huge gap between him and Big Show. At TLC Pay per view it will be DX versus Big Show and Jericho. Should be interesting to say the least.

The two proceed to spit insults at DX. They are calling out DX. That they have been champions for over 4 months. Jericho picks on DX saying they've been together since '97 but never won tag team gold. They are having a poor them party, about how there is no way they can be beat. (Blah blah.) DX has never been in a TLC match ever.

Triple H reminds them of fact 32 that they are boring them to death. And that no one gives a crap about them. And that DX makes history. And that they have an army worldwide. Once Chris looses his title he gets sent to Smackdown. Triple H challenges to Jericho to a match, which Jericho accepts under a stimpulation which is whoever wins the looser faces the opposing team in a handicap match.

First Match was between Melina and Gail Kim versus Maryse and Jillian Hall. Maryse who hasn't been around since she lost her title to Mickie James is back thinking she can regain her title. Maryse taunting the WWE champion. Melina is wuick to cause damage to Maryse. Maryse pins her with a DDT.

Next they recap all the damage Sheamus has done since his arrival on RAW. He has ended Jamie Noble's career, beaten Finlay and then some. He has kicked Jerry "King" Lawler, and an unnamed person as well. The damage speaks for itself. Sheamus has proved his aggression. Sheamus is up next.

Next match is Sheamus versus Santino Marella. I wouldn't want to be Santino right now. This going to be almost too painful to watch. Santino is picking on Sheamus and Sheamus looks like he wants to break him in half. Sheamus is quick to destroy Santino.
Sheamus is pulling out a table. Sending a message to John Cena. The audience is calling for Cena. Now he has probably caused a ton of injuries to Santino just like Jamie Noble. And claims this is nothing like what he will do to John Cena when he sent Santino into a table. Next they show Verne Troyer.

Verne Troyer said hi to Big Show and ignored Jericho. Jericho can't believe a guest host is ignoring him while talking on the phone. Verne Troyer will be out next. He's had good luck with everyone in the WWE but the Miz and out comes the Miz. The Miz is really good at the killing the word really. The Miz and Verne begin picking on each other. That Verne was better with the ladies then the Miz. Out comes Mark Henry to insure the Miz won't injure Verne. The Miz versus Mark Henry The Man. This should be good.

Up next is Kofi Kingston versus Randy Orton after loosing his shot at the WWE title by Kofi Kingston. Out comes Cody Rhodes to start destroing Kofi Kingston before the match even begins. The match may not happen with the damage suffered by Cody Rhodes. Out comes Ted Dibiase to inflict some more pain to Kingston. Now 2 parts of Legacy have been kicked out. Whether or not this match will happen is very curious. Kingston wants to continue. Randy Orton is making his way out to the ring. Randy Orton is quick to cause tons of pain to Kingston. Pulling Kingston out of the ring. Orton is trying to destroy an injured Kingston. Orton is showin no mercy when it comes to Kingston. Kingston is showing he still has fight left in him. Then Orton delivers a RKO pinning Kingston for the win. I don't think his heel approach is over with just yet. Orton has Kingston in a headlock still inflicting pain after the bell rang. Giving a painful DDT. Orton who's looking like he's lost it. If you listen to the announcers they compare Orton to a tortured soul.

Next they show MVP playing the new WWE wrestling game in the backroom while Mark Henry is getting ready. And Gillian Hall comes out to them to sing a song. Gillian is about kill another song. Mark Henry fell on Gillian and flattened her.

John Cena just arrived in his mustang. And next we will find out what he wants. He challenged Sheamus to match which brought out Carlito instead who says he's sick of Cena. Cena told him to bring it which Carlitio hit an apple to which Cena capitolized and made a message of his own to Sheamus. Sheamus came out contimplated going to the ring then ran away to the locker room, aparently the heel didn't like the challenge.

Next we see Verne Troyer again. Who's introducing MVP and Mark Henry for the next match. Mark Henry versus the Miz. Mark Henry is about to rock the Mic. He's rapping oh my. Aparently they are trying to show that Mark Henry isn't a square. The Miz is quick to try to inflict pain on Henry. Trying his best to keep Henry on the ground off his feet. Finding this isn't easy with the worldest heaviest man. Mark Henry won with a pinfall to the Miz. The Divas are coming out to flirt with Mark Henry and Verne Troyer.

Next up is Triple H against Chris Jericho. If Triple H wins Jericho is in a handicap match next week with DX if Triple H looses he's in a handicap match against Big Show and Jericho. There was alot of action in this match and it picked up more when Big Show interfered and punched Triple H to knock him out, to which Shawn Michaels entered the ring to deliver so sweet chin music to Chris Jericho which weakened him and allowed for Triple H to get the pinfall.


  1. Fact 32?
    So what were Facts 1-31 that Triple H presented?
    Oh Sheamus. More Sheamus photos. You do realize I have to start paying attention now to RAW

  2. the rules were ones that big show and jericho made about how they were great, undefeated they had like 4 rules then Triple H came in and said rule 32

  3. big show and chris jericho were listing off their acomplishments 1-4 then Triple H and Shawn cam out and said #32 which where the 32 comes from

  4. Okay, sounds about right then. Triple H math.

  5. You know and I'm betting Triple H is probably very smart I think it's part of the DX gimic