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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Smackdown Results :12/25 /09

I actually bothered to watch the opening credits and not just fast forward through them. I don't like them. Way too music video-ish.

Match #1 R-Truth/Finlay/Matt Hardy/John Morrision vs Luke Gallows/CM Punk/Dolph Ziggler/Drew McIntyre in an 8 man match. Finlay and Ziggler started it off. Finlay knocked Ziggler to the mat with a stiff closeline. Then slammed him hard before sitting on his chest for a near fall. R-Truth tagged in, with a roll up on Ziggler for another near fall. Ziggler finally turned it around with a wristlock and low flip. Punk tagged in with a stiff headbutt on Truth. Hardy then tagged in. He sent a series of punches to Punk leaving him in the corner. He used a bulldog for a near fall. Punk turned it back to his favour with kicks then two near falls. McIntyre tagged in getting Hardy down in the corner stepping on his throat. Ziggler tagged back in, they did a double team. He turned it into a mat match with a rear naked choke. McIntrye tagged back in stomping on Hardy again. Hardy got a hang man on him. Punk and Morrison both tagged in. Morrison used a series of closelines then a boot. McIntrye tagged in once again only to get caught in the corner by Morrison before tagging Ziggler back in. All the wrestlers jumped in and chaos happened. Morrison used starship pain for the win.

Match #2 Rey Mysterio vs Undertaker in a title match. Mysterio danced around the ring for the first few minutes before being tossed out of the ring. Undertaker went for his legdrop but Mysterio rolled out, then used a suicide dive knocking Undertaker into the rails. Undertaker got them back into the ring and used a series of headbutts. Mysterio out smarted him for a few minutes with a baseball slide before being shot into the rails. Once again brought back into the ring where Undertaker stomped on Mysterio's skull before using an elbow extension slam. Mysterio used a pup for a near fall before having a boot to the face in mid jump. Undertaker used a choke slam just before Batista came to the ring causing a DQ.

Match #3 Cryme Tyme vs Bryce Andrews/Pat Buck. This was a jobber match. JTG started this against I have no idea which one he was. He tossed him back and forth with a few irish whips then a shallow over head slam before Buck (?) tagged in. Then Shad tagged in using a few closelines and a large slam. Andrews ran in and got tossed and pressed slammed while JTG tagged in to get the win.

Match #4 Diva's match. Mickie James/Maria vs Layla/Beth Phonex. Maria and Layla started it off. Maria used an arm drag and a drop kick cornering her. Layla turned it around with a disk-kick for a near fall. Beth tagged in, choking Maria in the corner then sat on her before using the second rope for a choke out. Layla tagged in with a modified dragon sleeper arm bar. Mickie James tagged in using knees to the face and a mule kick. Then a modified paylay for the win

Match #5 DX vs Hart Dynasty for the tag team belts. JBK and Kidd started. Kidd had a few nice looking hip tosses before using a mule kick. Kidd got tossed into the corner as Triple H tagged in. He used a standing verticle suplex for a near fall. He then threw Kidd into the corner. Smith tagged in using a series of kicks. Smith used a standing verticle suplex of his own, and more impressive I must say, for a near fall. Smith used a drop ankle lock on Triple H just as Kidd tagged back in. Kidd went for a high risk move but was cut short by Triple H letting HBK tag in. HBK used a scope slam before failing to use a top rope elbow. Kidd used a spring board blockbuster for a near fall. Smith tagged back in. tossing HBK back first into the ring post then out of the ring. Another quick tag in by Kidd. Another tag in by Smith with another verticle suplex for another near fall before using a wrench style sleeper then a side suplex. Triple H tagged back in whiping Smith around the ring then a spine buster for another near fall. They double teamed Smith before Triple H used a petegree for the win.


  1. Hey, I noticed that on the Canadian sports channel, when McCool does the Styles Clash, the sound is removed.
    You see her do the move but you don't hear the announce team call it.
    Is that because of the heat with her using A.J. Styles' move? And is it just the Canadian sports channel removing the sound or is it removed all together from Smackdown?

  2. not in the usa if I recall correctly you can hear them call it they just don't call it the styles clash