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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Monday Night RAW results 12/14/2009

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Here's the breakdown from last night it was alot in it's three hour stint and was hosted by Dennis Miller.

Chris Jericho and Big Show won a slammy for tag team, then they challenged DX for their rematch via the claus when this match began Triple H deliberatly knocked over the ref which ended the match and had Jericho escorted from RAW. Since it was a disqualification the Big Show and Jericho won but not the titles, so technically there will be no rematch for the gold at the moment.

To determine Superstar of the year four men battled in various matches for this. First it was CM Punk versus John Cena which ended very easily with Cena winning via a countout. Then it was Undertaker versus Randy Orton. Orton who wasn't fairing well against the deadman had his henchmen more commonly known as Legacy beat down the Undertaker outside the ring while Orton managed to climb in the ring before a countout ended.

Then Cena and Orton battled, the battle of all battles and it was alot of wear down on both men. Cena swore he wouldn't loose til he had the belt back. Cena defeated Orton. As Cena caught his breath, new WWE Champion Sheamus stared him down from outside the ring.

William Regal and his round table called out Christian to pick two men to try to defeat them if there were any. Christian not in the best of health called on two men who put aside their differences for one night to destroy the round table. Kane and The Great Khali. The matched ended by pinfall and Christian's team was victorious. Which led to finding out that Kane would be gracing ECW tonight.

Sheamus won a slammy for breakout star of the year. He came out happy he won. M
ade a speech about how now Cena will have to take him seriously. (On a side note, how come it is that Sheamus is getting the push when people like Lance Archer, Evan Bourne, Jack Swagger, seem like they are low in arena so to speak. What makes Sheamus so great? Anyone dare to answer this call out go right ahead.)

Next match was Kofi Kingston versus Cody Rhodes which quickly turned into Legacy beating on Kingston which made Bourne jump in to make it a fair fight. Per stipulation by the GM Miller, the match got turned into a tag team match. Legacy won by pinfall to Bourne.

CM Punk got a slammy for Shocker of the Year by retiring Jeff Hardy. CM Punk ws very happy and stated
CM Punk described retiring Jeff Hardy after their Steel Cage Match on SmackDown as his finest moment.

Shawn Michaels won the Slammy Award for Match of the Year. The match was him versus Undertaker at Wrestlemania, to which he challenged Undertaker for this wrestlemania. It was a great call out.

Bob Barker won for guest host of the year. He thanked them via televiewer.

Most Extreme Moment of the Year was awarded to Jeff Hardy when he stood 20 feet tall and delivered a swanton bomb to CM Punk at Summer Slam. Accepting on behalf was Matt Hardy who got a beat down by Carlito who started an acceptance speech like he won and Masters then put him in the Master lock and when Carlito was flung Masters grabbed the slammy and gave it back to Hardy asking if he was ok.

McIntyre joined United States Champion The Miz & Zack Ryder against Morrison, Mark Henry & Yoshi Tatsu. While the championships were on one side, determination tipped the balance as Tatsu leveled Ryder for the victory.

Mickie James won a 7 on 7 Diva match, while the girls were all dolled up in evening wear, they had a fight where it was Mickie James against Rosa. Mickie James was quick to get the pinfall on Rosa. Which sent the loosing team about to leave when Golddust and MVP came out to announce the Diva of the year who was non other than Maria who was very shocked and happy.

She was interrupted by Batista who wanted to announce the slammy for screw of the year, him last night by Long at the pay per view. He was escorted out by security.

Next up was "Oh my" moment of the year. If you didn't know who Cole was prior to this you will definitely know him now. Michael Cole vomiting on Chris Jericho at SmackDown’s 10th Anniversary took home the Slammy Award for “Oh My” Moment of the Year.

It was announced that next week Johnny Damon will attempt to knock it out of the park next week when he stops by Raw to serve as special guest host.


  1. idk what is up with the multi color sorry everyone

  2. I thought the DX screwing Jericho out of his remake sucked big time.
    They should have let him have the match and loose proper, not do what they did.
    And there was only one minute of Sheamus, not enough. It was a 3 hour show for freal sake, they should have used him a hell of alot more then they did.

  3. Damn, meant REMATCH not remake, I can type honest

  4. I think the screw for Jericho was classic he's been an annoyance on RAW for months now he screwed Edge about time someone screwed him. I think the lack of Sheamus was due to his injuries

  5. Sheamus sheamus sheamus.. I am so sick of people elevating Ugg to the next level of humanity. First off, he needs to spell his name PROPERLY, then get him a consultant to work on the Neanderthal look, it's so 80's...

    As for Jericho? DX did the right thing, get him the hell off RAW for good, let Edge come back and deal with the little egomaniac. Show knew what was happening, he walked away quietly, Jericho just doesn't know when to quit, and while he's at it he should stop using the name of my favorite show as his ring name...

  6. VK... you should do stand up.

    Sheamus, Sheamus, Sheamus, Sheamus, Sheamus.... LOL It will get worse, because he's good. You're Faces are only as strong as your Heels.
    Look at JCW when they had Slam TV on every week. Robinson was loved by the fans but could not wrestle worth anything, but Trent Acid was hated and made everyone look ten times better when he did a match against them.

    Cena would not be at the top of things if Orton hadn't have been such a great Heel all this time.

  7. why do I feel like I'm in the brady bunch with Marcia, marcia, marcia. Sheamus is a work that's for sure. Although I doubt his strength will last just look at Monday what a minute that kind of speaks volumes

  8. He's needed. The whole roster has gotten stale as day old bread.
    Triple H can't hold on forever as the top "Big Guy" and Show can't wrestle really. They need someone to hold down that placement. A brawler with the chops to be a Heel and still be able to pull off the submission moves.
    The only issue I really have is that he's gotten to the size physically he has. The footage I have seen of him from just 3 years ago, he was a smaller sized guy doing more submission matches.

  9. so does that mean he's using enhancements to improve his stature?

  10. That I can't say. I'm not his work out partner.