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Friday, December 4, 2009

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for Dec 3rd 2009

Originally posted on Andrew and the Aluminumsidings on Dec 4th 2009

Had to wait for it to be available on Spike TV official website. As there is something wrong today with iTunes Canada.

We opened with Wolfe in the ring. Talking about the fact he tapped out at the last ppv. And side note, Wolfe that was gross. Took a minute to realize he was inside a Six Sides of Steel cage, because the picture on there is so dark. Kurt Angle came down to the ring, but Wolfe had locked himself inside. Angle climbed in and what I don't understand is why did Wolfe not climb out?

The TNA commercial was cute, with the idea that everything you want from TNA you can get for Christmas. But I really don't see how Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin would fit under my tree.

Pope and Suicide's promo did not come across as very thought out. Sorry boys tray again.

Homicide vs Suicide. Okay I have to say cliche much. Suicide slapped a side headlock on Homicide, turning it into a takedown. Homicide got out of it for a second but Suicide slapped another on him keeping him to the mat. Homicide turned it around again knocking Suicide down with a hard shoulder slam, then continued to work on Suicide's shoulder. Homicide got him up in what was starting to look like a piledriver, but it seemed like he lost his grip and dropped him on the wrong part of his neck. Suicide some how got up and gave Homicide a kick to the face followed by a drop kick. Suicide got the win with a backslide.

Jesse Neal vs the Pope. Damn it I still want that trenchcoat. This started with a collar tie up and led to Neal kneeing Pope in the gut. Pope was going for a top rope move but Neal gored him nearly 5 feet before he fell off the ring apron landing on the floor. Neal then got a near fall. Pope turned it around with a series of chops before Neal got him up for a reversed shoulder breaker. Pope got the win though with a double knee plant to the back.

World Elite's Eric Young/Kevin Nash vs Beer Money Inc. Young and Storm started. Storm got a vicious looking closeline on Young knocking him down. Roode tagged in, and they double teamed Young for a bit, dropping knees and elbows. Roode got a large slam on Young. Nash tagged in with a large fist to Roode's gut. Storm jumped in and just started to wail on Nash. They took this to the floor and it was everyone everywhere. Young and Roode got back into the ring and Young nailed him with a knee/elbow combo. Nash tagged back in using a series of knees on Roode. Young tagged back in getting a near fall before Roode kicked out. Storm tagged in with a few forearms to Young's skull before using a backbreaker on him for a near fall. Young got the win with a piledriver.

Daniels promo was odd. He went against Abyss. Daniels started off mocking Abyss. This was the joke/jobber match of the night right? Daniels got a side headlock on Abyss but it was turned into a slam. Daniels ran around the ring but ended up with a boot to the chest. Daniels used a distraction to get a roll up on Abyss for the win.

Kurt Angle vs Raven/Dr. Stevie in a handy cap match. Angle was cornered by both men before Stevie managed to get Angle on the ropes. Raven used a boot to the throat, before Angle rolled out of the ring. Raven and Stevie double teamed him by tossing him into the guard rail. Stevie got two near falls. Then gored Angle in the corner. Angle then used a double closeline knocking both men down. He then used a series of suplexes on them sending Stevie out of the ring. Angle slapped the ankle lock on Raven for the win.

And the MotorCityMachine Guns! Alex Shelley vs World Elite's Doug Williams in a singles match. Mr. Shelley gets sexier every week doesn't he? The ref sent Brutus Magnus to the back and was about to send Chris Sabin when Brutus knocked Sabin to the floor. And the match started. Williams blindsided Shelley with an elbow but Shelley managed to turn it around with a second rope spring board that landed a wicked kick to William's skull. Williams rolled out of the ring, but Shelley went for a suicide dive planting it perfectly into his chest, Shelley landing on his feet. Nice. And then we got a close up of Shelley's butt, thank you cameraman. Williams rolled back into the ring and Shelley went straight for a top rope cross body for a near fall. Williams then got Shelley up in a move I think they called the TorriSpecial, which was pretty much a low reversed widow's peak and planted him onto the top turnbuckle. Williams then got Shelley in a side surfboard that looked like it really craned Shelley's neck. Shelley flipped out and got a near fall, but Williams once again worked on his back with a backbreaker. Shelley got out, but Williams strung him up in the corner with a hard kick to the innerworkings. It only slowed Shelley down for a few seconds before he came back with a series of kicks for another near fall. Williams managed to get out of it and climb to the top rope for a back elbow knocking Shelley down. Shelley got the win with his trademark Sliced Bread. Beauty.

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