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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Monday Night Raw December 7, 2009

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My Raw Results: The show opened with announcing the pay per view which will happen this Sunday.

Tonight came from Dallas TX. US Title will be on the line tonight between Mark Henry and The Miz.

They welcomed out the newest guest host Marc Cuban. Who came out through the audience. He spent some time talking about Dallas Mavericks. He will be ring side tonight at WWE. Sheamus and John Cena will have a showdown later tonight. They will have a chance to have a face to face to give opinions of each other with no holds bar.

Out comes John Cena. The crowd loves Cena. Next coming out is Carlito for a match against Cena. They pan the audience where you see Cuban and the Bella Twins. Carlito is dominating the match with a lot of anger. Carlito attempts to pin Cena without any success. Cena is regaining his strength. Just when he's about to go after Carlito out comes Sheamus. Cuban goes to confront Sheamus. Cuban stops Sheamus with a bunch of security keeping Sheamus from going any further. Sheamus backs up. In the ring Carlito is dominating Cena. Cena quickly reverses with a attitude adjustment, and pins Carlito.

Next Monday will be the slammy awards on USA be gining at 8 should be interesting to see who wins. Also announced for pay per view will be a match between Kofi Kingston and Randy Orton. Guest Hosting the slammy awards will be Dennis Miller.

Randy Orton comes out with Legacy announcing he wants the ban lifted. He wants t o be able to fight who ever wins the title on Sunday. He demands that Cuban lift the ban. The ban is while Cena is title holder Orton can't go for a title shot. To which Cuban says no way. They showed older footage from 2003 Survivor series where Orton delivered a painful RKO to Cuban. Rhodes challenges Cuban to a fight, if he wins the ban is lifted. Cuban won't discuss it til June. After the Mavericks win the basketball finales. Instead he will be fighting Kingston tonight and on Sunday.

Next starts the match between Legacy and Evan Bourne and Primo. Legacy was able to claim the victory then you hear announced how Legacy is banned from the arena and are being escorted out of the building. This shocks Legacy and makes the match later for Orton a very fair fight. Legacy is out of the building.

Next they recap on Sheamus. And how he has destroyed everyone he's fought in this short life span on wrestlers on RAW. He arrived on RAW October 26th. And destroyed everythin g in his sight.

Next is Kelly Kelly announcing the next match Maryse versus Gail Kim. Gail Kim quick to dominate Maryse in this match. Gail Kim is dominating Maryse. Maryse was able to get bin via a legs on the rope. Maryse heads towards Kelly Kelly. After beating up Kelly Kelly for not announcing that Maryse is going for the divas belt. Melina is quick to come out and help Kelly Kelly.

Net they show DX decorating their Christmas tree. They are advertising their products again. Triple H gave Shawn a present and inside it was a Hornswaggle with an altered DX shirt. Hownswaggle is trying to get Shawn's hat off the tree. He jumps them knocking the tree and DX over and stealing the hat and is off again.

Next match is Kofi Kingston versus Randy Orton with special guest referee Marc Cuban. Marc Cuban refused to be intimidated by Orton. One on one as it should be. Kofi Kingston already sending a message to Orton that he can't beat Kingston. Orton trying his best to beat Kingston. Orton beating down Kingston. Kingston getting alot of pain inflicted on him by Orton. Kin
gston not quick to give up fights back. Cuban looking really mad. Kingston regaining his fight and inflicting more pain on Orton. Orton getting into his viper stance looking between Kingston and Cuban. To which Orton lost on a Kingston pin. To which Cuban counted out in record time. Orton is devastated. It was payback from Orton giving Cuban the RKO in '03.

Next match is United States Title Match The Miz versus Mark Henry. Out comes Mark Henry the worlds strongest man. Mark Henry quick to dominate the match. The Miz finding difficulty knocking down Mark Henry. Mark Henry inflicting insane amounts of pain on The Miz. The Miz finally able to send Mark Henry out of the ring. Mark Henry choked The Miz to give him the leverage to get into the ring. The Miz able to DDT Mark Henry barely.

Next they show Jericho talking to the Big Show backstage. Not that we can hear what they are saying. The next match is Eve and Hornswaggle versus Gillian Hall and Chauvo Guerrero. Hornswaggle was kick to tag in Eve. Gillian quick to attack Eve. Gillian dominates Eve. Eve quick to regain her momentum against Gillian. Eve and Hornswaggle win the match with a pinfall on Gillian. Chauvo quick to attack Hornswaggle. Eve gets in Chauvo's weigh after he has shoved Hornswaggle which brought in Chris Masters to defend Eve and Hornswaggle. Masters isn't pleased after being poked by Chauvo. The master locked locked in on Chauvo. Eve is smitten by Masters.

Next match is a handicap match between Chris Jericho, Triple H and Shawn Michaels. This could be Jericho's last match on RAW if he looses at Pay per view. He will go back to Smackdown. Lot of signs saying Jericho sucks. And now he's got a microphone, when will they learn to not give him one cause he just boosts about how great he is. He needs a good beatdown. Out comes DX to battle Jericho. Jericho trying to fight against Michaels. Michaels and Triple H wearing down Jericho. Alot of tags being made between the two men. 32 titles held between DX. Jericho being beatin down by DX. Jericho shoved the ref into the game to which Michales was sent in and The Big Show came out to inflict some pain. Triple H hit Big Show with a chair which caused the Big Show to hit him in the face with the chair. Michaels pulls out a ladder, Jericho used it as a baseball slide. Big Show picked up the ladder and swung it at both Michaels and Triple H then stuck them inside the ladder and wacked the ladder with a chair.

Next will be the confrontation between Sheamus versus Cena for a mouth off. With a podium in the ring. Cuban is talking about them and announcing them. Sheamus comes out and stands but his chair, and out comes John Cena. Cuban will ask three questions. So here we go
1. Why do you feel you win this Sunday (Sheamus) He talks about when Cena came in the wwe took him 3 years for the title. And how Sheamus will do it faster. Next Cena answers no comment.

2. Are you either of you concerned with using a table this sunday? Sheamus says Cena isn't concerned enough. He calls Cena dumb. If he thinks he can rematch on Monday when he looses. Sheamus says Cena will loose everything his health, his state of mind and his title. Cena looks at Sheamus and replieds "no comment"

Cena demurred, finally asking his opponent whether he believes what he’s saying.

The question upset Sheamus. He appeared ready to leave the ring, but instead he attacked Cuban and took a cheap shot at the Cena. When Cena came to, Sheamus kicked him in the skull . That’s when Sheamus went all crazy on Cuban, slamming the host through a table!

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