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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My ECW results Tuesday December 8, 2009

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Tonight on ECW started out with Kozlov interrupting Josh Matthews talking about the up coming pay per view match between Christian and Shelton Benjamin. Kozlov called out Jackson for leaving him alone in the ring the week earlier against Christian and Benjamin. Jackson came out ready to fight Kozlov which led to Regal trying to keep the two from killing each other which brought out Benjamin telling Regal to get out of the way and let them fight. Regal warned Benjamin to back off cause there was three of them and one of him, which led Christian and Yoshi to come out. Where Regal said they didn't have the authority to call the fight which of course brought out Tiffany who did but left it up to Regal, Jackson and Kozlov to decide. Jackson wanted to fight Kozlov, Regal and Kozlov wanted a tag match against the three stars.

Next up was Archer versus Tommy Dreamer. Which was very action filled and allowed us to see someone dominate Archer for a change. Archer won the match through alot of work.

Then you see the masked face of Burchill in Tiffany's office, Where she told them in front of Greggory Helmes that next week they could try and earn a contract if they could beat The Hurricane. To which the masked man said I can't wait to see you to Helmes to which Helmes said you won't see me you'll be seeing the hurricane.

Last match of the night was the round table (Regal, Kozlov, and Jackson) versus Tatsu, Christian and Benjamin. Christian begins with match fighting Jackson. To which Jackson tagged in Regal. And Christian tagged in Tatsu. Alot of multiple tags in the match. The teams of Tatsu, Christian and Benjamin do their best to keep the opponents from tagging each other in. Benjamin in a lot of pain dealing with the round table. Benjamin trying to regain himself to get a tag to his team mates. Benjamin is being beat down by Team Regal. Making it impossible for him to get a tag in. Finally able to tag in Tatsu. Kozlov is leaving the arena. Jackson chases after him and beats on him. Then Regal tries to get in the way to keep them from fighting. Christian, Shelton Benjamin, and Roshi Tatsu won the match due to a count out. Christian pulls out a ladder into the ring. He is proceeding to climb the ladder. Benjamin jumped the ladder and it closes with them fighting over the title.

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