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Monday, June 29, 2009

raw for monday june 29

Well less talk more wrestling on this episode and I'm glad.. almost. Not a lot of great wrestling.
An injured Batista is the "guest host".

HHH vs. MVP was boring as expected. Predictably HHH wins. This secures him a match against the winner of the Cena vs. Miz match later.

Edge and Jericho (new unified tag champs as of last nights' ppv) vs. the Colons in a rematch. Edge/Jericho retain. Great match. I like all of these wrestlers .. especially Carlito. Great to see they are finally using him and his brother to there full potential.

Cena vs. Miz. Miz actually takes it to Cena for a while but ultimately and predicably Cena wins to go on to face HHH next week to see who will face Orton at the next ppv. Cena bores the shit outta me. I understand he's for the kids and teenage girls but honestly if they turned him heel I might care. But then WWE would lose t-shirt sales.. ah well. Miz gets points for the anti Cena stuff at least.

Next week's guest host is the Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase. I think I like this no general manager thing. Bring back the Macho Man "ooooh yeaaaah"

Diva fatal four way with Kelly Kelly, Mickie James, Beth Pheonix and Rosa. Average action. Mickie wins to face Maryse (damn she's hot) at the ppv.

Big Show vs. Kofi Kingston (US Champ). Didn't catch if this was a US title match or not.. doesn't matter because it's a double count out. Waste of a match. Kofi's amazing but Big Slow sucks as usual.

3 on 1 gauntlet match Orton vs Evan Bourne who is 1 of 5 trades (yes trades again) from ECW. He's a great high flying wrestler but of course he loses to Orton. Great Raw debut either way. Jack Swagger is next 2 of 5 of the trades to Raw. He let's himself be counted out gets on the mic and says he's always respected Orton. Must want in Legacy. He'd be a good addition. Next up Mark Henry to beats Orton. Not a fan of Henry... which brings me to my major complaint about Raw....

Please get rid of the BIG SLOW wrestlers... it's lame and boring. Power moves suck when it's a whole match full of them. Mark Henry, Big Show etc should be managers, enforcers and not wrestlers. Maybe have them wrestle each other on occasion but it's just a waste of boring time.
Even Orton, HHH and Cena are boring to me.

Not Raw's worst episode but certainly far from great. At least there was less talk and a tiny bit of decent wrestling. Match of the night was by far Edge and Jericho vs. the Colons.

I give the show a C for the effort to at least get past the "quick fix" storyline stuff and get back to wrestling. Now they just need to improve the actual wrestling matches. I wonder who the other two wrestlers Raw aquired in the trade. Apparently ECW and Smackdown are doing the same. I have yet to watch ECW since it became WWE property. I'm thinking I need to start watching Smackdown. Most people say it's better than Raw. Until Thursday when I comment on Impact.

Danny Remain

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Smackdown Results

Icon copyright Kimberly Hulst 

This will normally be the post of one of our other staff members, but since he was working I did it this week....

This was the show before the monthly pay-per-view. This Bash being this weekend. We opened with Mr. McMahon the new owner once again {he looks like my dad and no that is not a good thing} After sniffing the mic he insulted the fans.  When did Ron The Truth Killings join WWE?
R-Truth as he is now known it seems, went up against Shelton Benjamin who seemed to want to give us a free English lesson. Benjamin had a very strong showing making this a good mat match. With many false two counts, R-Truth took it like a man in this match, and won it with a flying corkscrew. 
Next was a Diva's match with Michelle McCool and Alicia Fox vs Melina and Gail Kim.  I have always liked Melina's ring enterence. She looked as if she broke her jaw after a hard kick from McCool.  McCool got the pin on Gail Kim.
John Morrison vs C.M.Punk  in a non-title match.  It was a nice match for a midcard match/end of the first hour main event.  I don't understand how you can have two main events but okay. They kept it a mat match with many false two counts with Morrison getting the pin with a strange chickenwing bridge. 
C.M Punk was then the special ref in the main event that was a Rage in the Cage match between Jeff Hardy and Rey Mysterio vs Chris Jericho and Edge.  Mysterio went face into the cage a few times. And almost managed to climb out of the cage at one point. Edge speared Punk who was the ref. Hardy did a corkscrew off the turnbuckle and had a false two count. Edge won with a pin over Hardy. 

Friday, June 26, 2009

I will do a more in depth review and comparison of Raw and Impact starting next week. My main comment on Raw this week is that instead of planning on story lines to gain interest from fans WWE seems to get into a "low rating quick fix" panic. I mean, selling the WWE to Donald Trump and then having Vince buy it back for double the price is a weak storyline. It did bring in higher numbers but it will shrink once again when fans get tired of the same old same old. There is quality in the WWE they just need to utilize it.

As for TNA. They are in a long slow build that will take years to achieve full potential. Nothing wrong with that. The build so far is better than the old patterns that Raw is following. Yes, TNA is better than Raw. However, for those who think TNA is like the old glory days of WCW it's not there, yet. In a few years if they keep up the good work I feel it could get there. But for now, it's the best we've got. The main storyline of having Somoa Joe join the Main Event Mafia is great. Sting being a face again just works better. But, please can we have Scott Steiner get off the mic. It works when he's made fun of because he can't string together a sentence but otherwise please spare us. Mick Foley is always enjoyable to watch just keep him out of the wrestling ring. Leave the quality of the wrestling in TNA to the tag teams and X division.

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for June 25 2009

Originally posted on Andrew and the Aluminumsidings on June 26 2009

Listen iTunes Canada, you have got to get Impact ready for download alot sooner then you have been. I had to hunt it down on the net again. That takes alot of time, and given I am a lazy person.....

We pick up after the ppv (will I ever get to see a ppv? ) and open the show with Brutus Magnus vs...a jumping by Brother Ray. It was suppose to be a street fight (I hate those) between them. The run in by the other members of the British Invasion plus the rest of the non-american scheme was a predictable thing. And then a run in save by Devon with a chair. Bored now. And of course the crowd goes mad for it. Still bored.

Samoa Joe's part of the MEM? Ah man. Now that I did not see coming. This should be an interesting twist in the summer storylines. The creative team gets a cookie for that. When you can surprise me... I will bake for you. Few things here, I am not a fan of the MainEventMafia but that's not a shock, but seeing someone other then Mick Foley with the belt, that's another cookie. Second, Kurt Angle did you forget to look in the mirror before you came to the ring? You have some smudges on your...wait you are growing a beard. Please don't. You look creepy. You know me I love a good heel turn, even better when I get blind sided by it. (I have got to start getting ppvs somehow)

Jeff Jarrett calling in his promo.... literally. I thought it sounded more like a spot for the video game then an actual phone call... hmmmm.

Nash vs Abyss. Cool. That's new. The run in by Stevie Richards was over the top. A taser gun? Really? Not needed really not needed. Nash won. (boo)

Beer Money Inc. the new Tag Team champs again. Nice. Storm just went up 5 points with me for his little bottle speech.... hehehe.
Does Booker T. make this dren up as he goes or does he just mem-or-ize- he's li-nes like he is playing on-Star-Tr-ek ? (that was a William Shatner impression for those who can't read)
Roode vs was nice to hear the crowd backing Roode. Finally someone who proves the Steiner Recliner is not the hard move it has been made out to be. Steiner won.
Booker T. vs Storm...I am deaf and do not have subtitles what was the crowd saying.... it was a DQ. Giving Storm the win (yay)

If I have to hear the word Tweak out of Foley's mouth one more time.....

Eric Young slapped Rhino.... do it again!

AJ Styles calling Joe out...bored now. Matt Morgan doing a running save for Joe. Nice. Daniels running out to save Styles also nice.

And the MotorcityMachine Guns!.... where the hell were they this week? Infact where were the X-Division matches?


Welcome to Ring Side.  Every so often I will be laying the smack down from inside the fan's sites and game rooms. 

As far as I go I am a big fan of Chris Sabin and C.M. Punk.  

Resistance is futile

The Top Ten Reasons I Love TNA Impact {Repost}

Originally posted on Andrew and the Aluminumsidings June 13 2009

I used the screen captures again for this post.

10- The Ring. Six sided and something that creates a unique show. Not just the look of the ring, but what the wrestlers can do to utilize it.

9- Eric Young. He's brilliant, talented, and the only one I have seen who has been able to play out any theme given. From shy and innocent to baddest of the bad asses.

8- The Tag Team Division. I have always been a fan of tag teams, and this is the first time in close to 20 years where I have seen more then just one good tag team. And the fact they are promoting this is news worthy

7- The Broadcast Team. Humour is always something that is needed to get through the dull and overly routine that is interviewing the same few people every day. The Impact Reporters are not afraid to get dirty.

6-The return of Raven. A legend.

5- The wrestling. Do I have to go into detail on this? I love the fact they actually still wrestle and not just over flow with chatter and chairs. The gimmicks are kept to a low and the value is high.

4- Beer Money Inc. This was a gimmick I did not think would last one week but glad to see I was proved wrong. They are a solid force in the Tag Team Division and it's always good to see Roode on air.

3- The X-Division. I used to love watching the smaller guys fly around on other shows years ago, and the X-Division is that and more. There is just something about watching a match where the wrestlers are skilled, quick, and solid. I still count the first match on the first episode of Impact between Sabin/Shelley/Williams as my favourite Impact match.

2- The Turkey Bowl. Admit it, you love that idea. And it lets you in on the secret of who is going to be pushed in the coming year into the spotlight. So lets see who is next for the X-Division belt.

1-MotorCityMachine Guns! The most talented tag team right now, infact I have not seen such a fluid team in about 20 years on tv. Both Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin were fabulous as single wrestlers and together they are magic. The two hottest thing in a ring and the two sexiest men alive. I loved their promos few years ago when they were up against Backland, and what Shelley did in the comdey promos with Nash and the other X-Division members. Smart, funny, talented, sexy. Now if we could just do something about Sabin's hair.

hello wrestling lovers

I will be providing a review and comparison of WWE Raw and TNA Impact each week. I don't watch Smackdown or ECW enough to provide comments on those shows but anything can happen in the future.

I'll slam the shit out of stuff I dislike and offer ways to improve upon these flaws I see. On the flipside I'll mark out for the stuff I like.

Danny Remain

Thursday, June 25, 2009

An Intro

*Clears throat*
Is this thing on?

Welcome to the first match of the night... er um I mean the first post of the blog.
I am but one of the team members on this here thing. Ardeth Blood. Some of you might know my work some might not. Feel free to check out my weekly TNA Thoughts on my main blog.
This blog was birthed after many nights of conversations with friends over the sport of wrestling, and because of comments/rants/questions I received on my main blog about not covering WWE.
For those who asked, this is for you. So join myself and my fellow team mates in this adventure.

And in the immortal words of ICP "Let's Get Down To the Ring and Wrestle".