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Friday, June 26, 2009

I will do a more in depth review and comparison of Raw and Impact starting next week. My main comment on Raw this week is that instead of planning on story lines to gain interest from fans WWE seems to get into a "low rating quick fix" panic. I mean, selling the WWE to Donald Trump and then having Vince buy it back for double the price is a weak storyline. It did bring in higher numbers but it will shrink once again when fans get tired of the same old same old. There is quality in the WWE they just need to utilize it.

As for TNA. They are in a long slow build that will take years to achieve full potential. Nothing wrong with that. The build so far is better than the old patterns that Raw is following. Yes, TNA is better than Raw. However, for those who think TNA is like the old glory days of WCW it's not there, yet. In a few years if they keep up the good work I feel it could get there. But for now, it's the best we've got. The main storyline of having Somoa Joe join the Main Event Mafia is great. Sting being a face again just works better. But, please can we have Scott Steiner get off the mic. It works when he's made fun of because he can't string together a sentence but otherwise please spare us. Mick Foley is always enjoyable to watch just keep him out of the wrestling ring. Leave the quality of the wrestling in TNA to the tag teams and X division.


  1. WWE forgot to tell their stock holders two weeks ago that it was a rub.

  2. I heard that too on WrestlingRadio on Twitter.
    That is why they pulled the bait and switch this last week.