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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Smackdown Results

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This will normally be the post of one of our other staff members, but since he was working I did it this week....

This was the show before the monthly pay-per-view. This Bash being this weekend. We opened with Mr. McMahon the new owner once again {he looks like my dad and no that is not a good thing} After sniffing the mic he insulted the fans.  When did Ron The Truth Killings join WWE?
R-Truth as he is now known it seems, went up against Shelton Benjamin who seemed to want to give us a free English lesson. Benjamin had a very strong showing making this a good mat match. With many false two counts, R-Truth took it like a man in this match, and won it with a flying corkscrew. 
Next was a Diva's match with Michelle McCool and Alicia Fox vs Melina and Gail Kim.  I have always liked Melina's ring enterence. She looked as if she broke her jaw after a hard kick from McCool.  McCool got the pin on Gail Kim.
John Morrison vs C.M.Punk  in a non-title match.  It was a nice match for a midcard match/end of the first hour main event.  I don't understand how you can have two main events but okay. They kept it a mat match with many false two counts with Morrison getting the pin with a strange chickenwing bridge. 
C.M Punk was then the special ref in the main event that was a Rage in the Cage match between Jeff Hardy and Rey Mysterio vs Chris Jericho and Edge.  Mysterio went face into the cage a few times. And almost managed to climb out of the cage at one point. Edge speared Punk who was the ref. Hardy did a corkscrew off the turnbuckle and had a false two count. Edge won with a pin over Hardy. 

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