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Friday, June 26, 2009

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for June 25 2009

Originally posted on Andrew and the Aluminumsidings on June 26 2009

Listen iTunes Canada, you have got to get Impact ready for download alot sooner then you have been. I had to hunt it down on the net again. That takes alot of time, and given I am a lazy person.....

We pick up after the ppv (will I ever get to see a ppv? ) and open the show with Brutus Magnus vs...a jumping by Brother Ray. It was suppose to be a street fight (I hate those) between them. The run in by the other members of the British Invasion plus the rest of the non-american scheme was a predictable thing. And then a run in save by Devon with a chair. Bored now. And of course the crowd goes mad for it. Still bored.

Samoa Joe's part of the MEM? Ah man. Now that I did not see coming. This should be an interesting twist in the summer storylines. The creative team gets a cookie for that. When you can surprise me... I will bake for you. Few things here, I am not a fan of the MainEventMafia but that's not a shock, but seeing someone other then Mick Foley with the belt, that's another cookie. Second, Kurt Angle did you forget to look in the mirror before you came to the ring? You have some smudges on your...wait you are growing a beard. Please don't. You look creepy. You know me I love a good heel turn, even better when I get blind sided by it. (I have got to start getting ppvs somehow)

Jeff Jarrett calling in his promo.... literally. I thought it sounded more like a spot for the video game then an actual phone call... hmmmm.

Nash vs Abyss. Cool. That's new. The run in by Stevie Richards was over the top. A taser gun? Really? Not needed really not needed. Nash won. (boo)

Beer Money Inc. the new Tag Team champs again. Nice. Storm just went up 5 points with me for his little bottle speech.... hehehe.
Does Booker T. make this dren up as he goes or does he just mem-or-ize- he's li-nes like he is playing on-Star-Tr-ek ? (that was a William Shatner impression for those who can't read)
Roode vs was nice to hear the crowd backing Roode. Finally someone who proves the Steiner Recliner is not the hard move it has been made out to be. Steiner won.
Booker T. vs Storm...I am deaf and do not have subtitles what was the crowd saying.... it was a DQ. Giving Storm the win (yay)

If I have to hear the word Tweak out of Foley's mouth one more time.....

Eric Young slapped Rhino.... do it again!

AJ Styles calling Joe out...bored now. Matt Morgan doing a running save for Joe. Nice. Daniels running out to save Styles also nice.

And the MotorcityMachine Guns!.... where the hell were they this week? Infact where were the X-Division matches?

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