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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Smackdown Results for Dec 4th 2009

First match was CM Punk vs RTruth. R-Truth started strong with a series of forearms but Punk turned it in his favour by getting Truth in the corner with a shoulder block. Truth got a near fall then went for an armbar on Punk keeping him to the mat. Punk kicked him in the back and head butted him twice. Both went out of the ring and Punk pushed Truth into the ringpost shoulder first. Back in the ring and Punk used a revese chickenwing/suplex combo for a near fall. He continued to work on the left arm with a tricepwristlock. Truth got out of it and used a series of short closelines before a double drop kick. Luke Gallows interfered casusing a DQ

Second match was Kane vs Mike Knox. It started with a side collar tie up, Kane got a near fall before using a low neck lock-hip toss combo on Knox. Knox managed to get out of this and went for a cross body for a near fall. Knox then used a large splash on Kane turning it into a mat match with a bearhug. Kane slipped out and kicked him then used a sidewalk slam. Kane won this match with his trademark chokeslam.

Third match was a Diva's Triple Threat match. Mickie James vs Beth Phoenix vs Natalya. Beth knocked Natalya down getting Mickie into the corner then got herself caught on the top turnbuckle. Mickie slapped a huricanrrana on Natalya. Beth then tossed Mickie out of the ring before getting into a shoving match with Natalya. Natalya managed to get her in a headlock. Both women then went for a short arm closeline knocking each other to the mat. Mickie meanwhile got back into the ring only to have a surfboard on her by Natalya. Beth then grabbed Mickie putting her on her shoulders for something but Natalya landed a drop kick to Beth that sent both Beth and Mickie to the mat. Mickie got the pin for the win.
Mickie now goes to the ppv to face McCool for the belt.

Fourth match was John Morrison vs Drew McIntyre. Morrison got McIntyre down with a sweep to the legs then used a standing shooting starpress for a near fall. McIntyre got out and began to stomp on him. Morrison used a reversed paylay before getting shot out of the ring. Both men were down outside the ring. McIntyre tossed Morrison back in for a near fall then slapped on a submission hold. Morrison somehow got out of it but McIntyre got a half camel clutch on. Morrison turned it around and used a simple mule kick then a running knee for another near fall. He then tried a springboard kick but McIntyre kicked him causing a fall. Morrison then managed to get the upperhand once more with a series of stiff punches and a drop kick that sent McIntyre outside of the ring. McIntyre crawled halfway under the ring with Morrison trying to pull him out, but McIntyre used the ring by pulling Morrison into the support beams. McIntyre then rolled Morrison back in to the ring used a DDT and won the match.

Fifth match was Escobar vs Hart Dynasty in a handie cap match. Kid started but it was all Escobar as he landed a hiptoss and drop kick on Kid. Smith tagged in with elbows and forearms before Kid tagged back in. Kid got slammed hard into the mat. Smith tagged back in and Escobar used a PRnecktie for a nearfall. Smith turned it in his favour with a slidslam. Kid tagged back in and got the win with the Hart Attack.

Sixth match was Cryme Tyme vs Jericho/Big Show. Jericho and JTG started this. Jericho got JTG cornered but JTG snuck in a slap managing to get a near fall. Jericho slid out of the ring but JTG used a baseball slide on him. Once Jericho got back into the ring, he started to work on JTG's leg before stomping on his neck across the ropes. Jericho then got him in the center of the ring in a modified sleeper. Show and Shad both tagged in, and Show used a single punch knocking him out for the win.

Final match of the night was suppose to have been Batista vs Undertaker. But Batista used a steel chair on Undertaker as he was walking up the ramp, then slammed him into the steps. He threw Undertaker into the ring and continued to use a chair where upon he power bombed him. This match never really happened as there was no ref nor was the bell ever rang.

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