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Friday, December 18, 2009

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for Dec 17th 2009

Originally posted on my blog Andrew and the Aluminumsidings on Dec 18th 2009

Nice, iTunes Canada had it ready this morning.

We open with Foley tearing up an empty studio trying to beat up Nash. I think he did more damage to himself and the studio. All because he was sent to the wrong house. Um what the hell are you all doing? That was one of the worst gimmicks yet.

Abyss's promo was very good, hinting at what many of us did not get to see last week. I know there was a hardcore match that could not air on the network.

Brother Ray vs Matt Morgan in a lumberjack match. I can't call him the evil druid any more cause he actually got rid of the bad robe. Yay. Brother Ray started off looking strong in this with a series of forearms to the back and shoulders of Morgan. Morgan turned it around with a headbutt. He then got Ray backed into the corner for his trademark elbows then used a sidewalk slam for a near fall. Brother Ray then used a backdrop suplex on Morgan gaining a bit of control. Morgan got tossed out of the ring where upon Team 3D lumberjacks started their beatdown. Morgan got back into the ring where upon Brother Ray started in with a series of chops, but to no use. Morgan used a closeline on him just before Brother Ray rolled out of the ring to be beatdown by Morgan's lumberjacks. Morgan was about to go for his elevation suplex but Neal ducked in the ring for a low blow. This gave Brother Ray a chance to use a DDT for the win.

So the list for this weekends feast or fired line up includes half of World Elite. Eric Young better not loose! TNA would not be TNA without Young. Also The show will not be on next week (Dec 24th) but will return in two weeks for a special 4 hour episode on Dec 31st

The return of Jeff Jarrett. Very very cool. Too bad he had on a hat for a bad vampire movie. What is it with the men on this show and picking crappy vampire movies to talk about? Millions of vampire movies and .....

Jay Lethal vs Tatanka in another legend's challenge. I like Lethal I just hate the gimmick and the moo-moo. Lethal started off looking good with a series of punches but Tatanka used a short closeline knocking Lethal to the mat. He then used about 4 leg drops on Lethal. Lethal did manage to get a large set of knees to the back of Tatanka knocking him down before using a double sledge hammer off the top rope. Tatanka then sent Lethal flying with a brutal looking back body drop. He then used a death drop for the win. I am not sure what the point of this series is, if it is to present the legends for the upcoming show on Jan 4th? Or if it's to soon phase out this gimmick for Lethal? But you know, I did not ever think I would see Jay Lethal being the jobber in a match two in a row.

Daniels vs Wolfe. Wolfe went for his full nelson then turned it into a side headlock (I know it was not a side headlock but I missed what it was really called). Daniels got out of it only to have Wolfe slap it on again, twice. Daniels tried a rollthrough but Wolfe did not let go of the hold. Wolfe then used his knee to the shoulder of Daniels before tossing him across the ring. Daniels managed to get a side head lock of his own on Wolfe then got Wolfe down on the mat. I like that the crowd was split half chanting for Daniels half for Wolfe. Daniels got a wrist lock on Wolfe, and as Wolfe went for a roll to get out of it, Daniels hooked the leg for a near fall. Wolfe kicked out then used an upper cut. This then turned into a slap fest, before Daniels drove a flying knee into Wolfe's jaw. Daniels then used a top rope spring board for another near fall. Wolfe then used a flying hammerlock take down (FHD) for a near fall. Wolfe slapped a combo figure four armbar and cross face on Daniels but Daniels bit Wolfe's hand breaking the hold. This match hit it's ten minute time limit and was a draw.

Raven/Stevie/Steiner/British Invasion vs Styles/Angle/Tomko/Abyss/Lashley. Abyss pushed his team out of the way and hobbled in going right for Raven and Stevie. He sent them out of the ring with a large forearm then Raven bit Abyss's burned leg. Everyone else just kind of stood there for a minute. Steiner sent Lashley out of the ring, sending him from one guardrail to the other. This was not a match as much as pure chaos. The bell finally rang and we are in the ring with Brutus and Angle. Angle suplexed Brutus then tagged in the returning Tomko. Doug Williams tagged in only to get a boot to the shoulder from Tomko then got a large slam before Angle blind tagged himself back in. Brutus tagged back in as well and they double teamed Angle with the same necktie move they have been using as of late. Back and forth for a few minutes between the ring and the now street fight with Raven and the others before seeing Williams get suplexed once more by Angle. Then Big Useless ripped Tomko off the apron hard on to the floor breaking his nose by the looks of it. Styles finally tagged in, using closelines on Williams and Brutus. Styles got a roll up on Brutus for the win.

And the MotorCityMachine Guns! promo was .... um er boys.... I notice, I care, I still think you need to do something about your hair and your pants Mr. Sabin. Not changing for anyone... that sounds like a reply to something, maybe Chris Sabin really is reading this? We'll talk. And what was with Alex Shelley's floppy arm thingie can he not sit still?

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