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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

ROH review... I hope -April 12th 2010

Originally posted on my blog on April 14th 2010

Okay guys, I have been trying to get my hands on copies of Ring Of Honor stuff. For those of you- my Spudguns who read this on a regular basis, you know I do not have cable. Everything I get is off the internet. Mostly iTunes Canada.
I know that ROH was being shown online every week, but for whatever reason, my "region" wasn't able to get it. Many times I would find something only to get a message that said "that product is not supported in your region" or worse still "item you are trying to view has been removed for copyright reasons"
Well, I think that enough people must have complained or just you know broke rules or something because Oh My God! I got to watch the ROH episode for this past week on youtube

So here we go with my first ROH review... I hope. ROH April 12th 2010
*It seems this is right after the latest ROH ppv and we have Tyler Black still the champ.

*Jerry Lynn vs Jake Maning (his name never came up so forgive me if I'm wrong) Jake kicked Lynn, going for a off the ropes shoulder block before Lynn turned it around landing one on him. Lynn then slapped on a side headlock, and a hip toss. He then started to work on the arm of Maning, going for a cover but only got a two count before Maning kicked out. Lynn was then backed into the corner but spun out of the way, reversing it on him. Maning then slammed him down hard on the top rope across his neck. Maning continued then to work on the injured neck but Lynn got a near fall with what looked like a standing crossbody. Maning then used a jawbreaker before applying a submission move craning the neck of Lynn. Maning went for a top rope move but Lynn pulled a hurricanrana followed by a series of clotheslines. Lynn finished it off with a piledriver for the win.

*Steve Cornio... damn sorry drooling again. But damn! I keep forgetting he's Canadian. He went up against El Generico . Or I should say, he trashed mouthed El Generico who ripped the clothes off Cornio... sorry got distracted. What? I'm a Cornio fan from back in ECW okay.

*Kevin Steen vs Eddie Edwards. Steen kicked him in the elbow before backing him into the corner, continuing to lay down forearms and punches. He then sent Edwards out to the floor, continuing to work on the injured arm. He threw him back into the ring to brake the count, but Edwards used a suicide dive knocking him down. Steen was sent hard into the rails before Edwards gave him a large boot to the jaw. Steen got the advantage once again, by dragging Edwards to the ring apron and slamming his arm hard into the ring post. He then used a steel chair against the post sandwiching the arm. Back in the ring now and Steen had him in the middle with an armlock. Edwards battled out with a series of headbutts and a armdrag hiptoss. Edwards followed that up with a kick to the skull and a headscissors take over. Steen went for a top rope swan dive but only got a two count. They started to trade blows then for a few minutes but Edwards used a suplex for the advantage. Edwards sent Steen over with a large flip, clothesline and a sit down powerbomb. Steen came back to once again work on the elbow, but Edwards went off the top rope with a flying codebreaker. Only got a two count. Steen went for a powerbomb but only had a two count. Steen then headed up to the top turnbuckle but was caught up with a kick to the side of the skull which rocked him, but somehow came back and slapped on a crossface. Edwards used a small package for the win.

Okay, I wish I could say this will be a new weekly column, but the best I can do is say, I'll do my best. But I will be doing a ROH review as often as I can.

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