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Thursday, April 15, 2010

My Thoughs on TNA Impact for April 12th 2010

Originally posted on my blog on April 15th 2010

I know the column is getting later in the week every week. iTunes Canada still does not have it, but Spike official website finally does so here we go...

And the first question of the night is Why ... why are you wasting my time? Then there was a lot of crap I didn't pay any attention to until I saw Brother Ray come down to the announce booth ... then he said their match was a street fight and I lost interest again...It was Team 3D/Jessie Neal vs Nash and his boys... and we are suppose to believe that that so called distraction by that Bubba feller was just .... dude I run faster then that and I'm handicap... Then Mr Yummy... er Young came down with a hockey stick. How very Canadian of you, do it again!

Shannon Moore vs Kaz. They started with a collar tie up, which lead to Moore in the corner. Moore got a second collar tie up and a front slam on Kaz before starting to work on the arm of Kaz with a wrist lock. Kaz managed to reverse it and put him in a side headlock, hanging onto the dreadful hairdo for a hiptoss take down. Moore managed to break out of that hold and went right back to working on the arm of Kaz with a series of hard elbows. He got an armdrag on Kaz sending him across the ring before going back to work on the left shoulder. This went on for a few minutes in a back and forth sort of way. He then got an inverted atomic drop on Kaz backing it up with a leg drop before getting him in the corner with a series of shoulder blocks. Kaz battled out and got the top rope down sending Moore flying to the floor. Back in the ring and Kaz slingshots himself back with a legdrop on Moore but only a two count. Kaz followed through with three slams into the corner then a suplex but still only got a near fall. Moore tried then for a crossbody but was cut short by landing on Kaz's knee. Moore was going for a aerial move but it took both men down to the mat. Moore then got a clothesline, spin kick and a drop kick on Kaz knocking him to outside of the ring then used a moonsault on him. Both men down. Back in the ring, and Moore went for another high risk move but Kaz caught him and used a modified necktie/bridge only getting the two count. Moore went for his corkscrew moonsault but Kaz managed to kick out. And we hit a time limit no one won. Wow. That's impressive actually, when was the last time on television that happened?

I've said this a million times, I love Jay Lethal as Jay Lethal. Please please please drop the gimmick, get rid of the damned sparkly moo-moo. I mean man, isn't your throat sore after 3 years of doing that voice?
He teamed with was suppose to but Beer Money Inc kind of used a backstage five minute beat down on Lethal. Hey maybe when Lethal comes to from the bottle shot he'll be old Jay again?

Knock Outs in a nontitle match.... don't care and damn it can't even fast forward cause I'm watching on the official website.

Robert Roode vs the guy I don't like so... moving on.
Pope vs A.J. Styles/Wolfe in a handicap match. ... or you know not as Wolfe got a steel chair to the back as he was coming to the ring. Well what do you expect with 4 minutes on the show and this being the main event and all, not like they were actually going to give us a match or anything. Oh look Styles removed the damned cufflinks from his ears. Maybe he's listening to my fashion advice after all. Pope tossed Styles off the ramp onto the rails, then face first into the stairs. Finally get into the ring, Pope has Styles on his shoulders but Styles used a rake to the face to brake the hold then used a kick to the back of the skull. Flair disrupted the match and a dq was called.

And the MotorCityMachine Guns! vs Matt Morgan the evil druid and Amazing Red. Alex Shelley and Matt Morgan started it off, with w collar tie up, Shelley getting tossed like a ragdoll. Shelley came back at him with a series of kicks but got caught with a simple shoulder block. Chris Sabin ran in but was greeted with a short clothesline both MMG are down on the mat. Morgan picked up Shelley holding him in his hesitation slam then dropped him hard where upon Shelley landed on Sabin. Dude are you two okay? Both Guns are out of the ring now. Red tagged in as did Sabin, who had Red in a side head lock. Sabin bounced off the ropes with a shoulder block to Red, then the two played leapfrog for a few seconds before Red used a headscissors tossing Sabin to the corner. Shelley tagged back in. Red got him with a hard kick to the back of the skull/neck. Dude again is he okay? Sabin came in, Red slid out of the ring, Sabin with a wicked kick from the apron flipping over Red. Beauty! Just Beauty! Back in the ring and Sabin gets a two count. Red fights back landing a hard mule kick to the jaw of Sabin sending him rocking but the Guns! managed to use a double team move on him but still only a two count. Morgan tagged himself in and Sabin went right for him with a series of forearms but got a stiff elbow for his troubles. Shelley came in to help and got footprinted to the face. Oh God! Is Sabin alright? Morgan picked him up by the back of the neck and just slammed Sabin face first off the top turnbuckle, causing him whiplash. He then went for a stack up in the corner but the Guns! managed to slid on the second rope and get out of the way. Shelley went for a crossbody, Sabin coming in to help with the pin but Morgan tossed them both like butter. Red tagged in, Sabin is now the legal man, Red used a floatin and a sunset flip but Sabin answered with a kick to Red's face. Shelley in with a charge to the corner but Red kicked him then used a flying DDT. Sabin in, but got flipped inside out by Morgan who ran into the ring. Morgan then was setting Shelley up for his trademark hellevator but Red stole the win with a Code Red on Sabin. Hang on! Mr. Shelley Mr. Sabin what did I say to you like a month ago on here, if I didn't see those belts around your tiny little skeleton waists soon I was going to send you angry letters... oh I feel a rant coming on in the next post I do.

The highlight of the show this week for me was watching the little crawl screen updates that Spike Official website has at the bottom of the video. Lovely seeing what the rest of you zombied perverts were watching while I was trying to do this review. Not even Mr. Shelley could keep my attention tonight for more then a few seconds.

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