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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Raw 4/19/2010 HIghlights

We open with an announcement about the fact the whole Raw crew were stuck in the airport in Europe because of the volcanic ash.
Which Triple H handled the job of telling the fans well.  And well... he was funny, which if you've seen Blade 3 you already know.
The show was filled with members of the Smackdown crew.
It was a chance too for them to remind fans about the draft next week, which is suppose to be a 3 hour show.
I like that fact they pointed out how greasy CM Punk's hair is... I've been saying that for months.  Wash it, cut it, and I hope you have to shave it after your match with Rey Mysterio.  I've actually thought about shaving my skull like that Seline or whatever Punk's girl is named, but I wouldn't look any good that way, not brave enough.  Yeah I'm babbling cause there's not much show to actually do a review on.
Rey Mysterio then came to the ring for the five minute beat down. He grabbed the hair snippers, while Triple H held down Punk. He got a nice chunk of hair off him too.  I guess that means that on Sunday at the ppv Punk will loose the rest of his hair.

Drew McIntyre vs Matt Hardy.  Drew went right after Hardy, but missed and Hardy managed to get the first punch in. Drew came back with a series of kicks but Hardy turned it around with a neckbreaker. Drew out of the ring, Hardy used a flying axehandle. Drew then threw him head first into the steps. Drew then started in on more kicks to the skull, following it up with a short clothesline. Hardy was down on the ropes and tired to come back with a side effect.  He used another neckbreaker on Drew but only got a two count. Both men went for short clotheslines in the corner taking each other down. Hardy was going for a top rope move, but Drew took out the legs and got the cover. 

Vladimir Kozlov's speech was bang on.  I like this dude.  Then the guest host came out... Okay the Canadian is bored....
He went up against R-Truth... or not as Truth seemed to be ... blown up.  What the freal?  Was this wrestling or an episode of Saturday Night Live?  

Kane doing comedy?  What now?   Hang on... more Kane doing comedy please.

Swagger cut a promo... someone tape his mouth shut please.  Wow, the Undertaker took him up on his open challenge.  Interesting.  Wow, it's takes him 6 minutes to get to the ring.   They started with a collar tie up, Swagger slapping on a side head lock, then using the ropes for a running shoulder block. Another collar tie up, with Undertaker slapping on a side headlock. He then started to work on Swagger's shoulder. Undertaker walked the ropes, then added an elbow to the shoulder of Swagger. Swagger started to use kicks to fight back, and followed it with a scoop slam.  Undertaker had to roll out of the ring after a series of kicks from Swagger. Undertaker with an upper cut then slammed Swagger face first into the steps. Swagger turned it around, sending Undertaker into the steps knee first. He then started to work on the leg of the Undertaker. He got him into the corner tying him up in the ropes.  Undertaker threw Swagger out of the ring for a moment, setting him up on the apron for his leg drop. Undertaker used a snap suplex but only got a two count. He then started to work on the neck of swagger with a choke hold.  Swagger fought out and slapped a leg lock on him, Undertaker booting him to the face.  Swagger went back to the knee getting Undertaker in a strange submission hold. Swagger back out of the ring, but had done enough damage on the leg of Undertaker. Back in the ring, and they traded blows for a few minutes. Undertaker used a DDT but only got a two count. Swagger went face first into the top turnbuckle, but sill only a two count. Swagger fought out of the choke slam but walked face first into a boot. Swagger used a spinning neckbreaker but only got a near fall. Choke slam applied followed by a tombstone piledriver for the win.

Triple H/Rey Mysterio/Edge vs CM Punk/Luke Gallows/Jericho.  Rey and Jericho started it off. Jericho with a kick to the gut of Rey then Rey used a spinning head scissors on him sending Jericho into the ropes. Punk and Gallows came to help him only to have Rey springboard into a suicide dive knocking them all down. Back in the ring, and Punk has tagged in, he's got Rey in a bridged submission. Punk then put Rey face first into the post.  Gallows in, with a series of stomps to Rey. Then a series of drop elbows only getting a two count. Jericho tagged back in, with a large side slam on Rey. Rey fought back with kicks, but Jericho monkey flipped him into the corner. Rey used the ropes for a spring board moonsault but only got a two count.  Edge and Gallows tagged in. Edge with a boot and flying shoulderblock on Gallows. Then a sit down neckbreaker on Gallows. Chaos outside the ring. Punk tagged in, stomping on the injured leg of Edge. Jericho back in and continued to work on the leg. Punk back in with a quick tag working again on the leg with a figure four. Gallows tagged in, stepping on the leg. Edge went for a flying clothesline, Triple H tagged in.  Punk tagged in. Triple H with a high knee and a jaw breaker followed by a clothesline but only got a two count. Spinebuster. Chaos again. Triple H used his pedigree on Punk for the win.

Dude, I'm bored... watching this and you're telling me I've sat through it for nothing cause there was no Sheamus this week.  Dude this sucks! (the 30 seconds on the monitor does not count even though he looked fabulous in a suit)

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