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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Monday Night Raw 4/26/2010

Monday Night Raw began at 8 pm.  It was the WWE Draft.  Raw wrestlers against Smackdown to decide who got the draft picks.  Raw acquired, Edge, John Morrison, R-Truth, Chris Jericho. Smackdown acquired The Big Show, Kofi Kingston, Kelly Kelly, and Christian.  Also there was number 1 contender for the wwe title.  Between Orton, Sheamus, and Batista.  Which proved to be the same old same old.  Orton would have been victorious had he not been speared by Edge.  Also last night a tag team fight between The Big Show and The Miz vs The Hart Dynasty.  The winner was the Hart Dynasty.  Granted the show started earlier but much of it is still lagging and the same thing.  They need to spice it up some how to compete against other television shows on right now.  Triple H is out right now due to his injuries he suffered at Extreme Rules by Sheamus.  Orton did all but call Sheamus a dirty fighter, and for assuming he would get a title shot instead of earning it.


  1. When you say they need to spice things up to compete against other shows on right now, please tell me you aren't talking about TNA haha.

  2. no in general they need to spice things up the show is like watching a soap opera you can leave for a bit come back and it's the same crap

  3. Thanks for this postings. me too willing to write something abt it. The WWE Draft is a process used by the professional wrestling promotion World Wrestling Entertainment to provide new brand competition and to refreshen its rosters.