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Saturday, April 10, 2010

My Favourite Matches part 2

Originally posted on my blog on April 10 2010
I used screen capture for this post

June 18th 2006
Six man elimination match Shark Boy vs Alex Shelley vs Sonjay Dutt vs Petey Williams vs Jay Lethal vs Senshi.

Shark Boy and Petey Williams started it off with a collar tie up that Shark Boy turned into a side headlock, that Williams tried to fight off. Shark Boy then went off the ropes with a running shoulder block sending Williams down. Williams then back to his feet landed a slap across the mask of Shark Boy before Shark Boy delivered a drop kick and a deep armdrag. He then continued to work on Williams arm for a few minutes before Williams got out of it. Shark Boy then gave him a back body drop. Williams came back with an inverted atomic drop then put Shark Boy in the tree of woe. Williams then was put out of the ring, Shark Boy getting the advantage again with a cross body block outside landing on him. Back in the ring, Jay Lethal tagged in. They used a few double team moves on Williams, with Lethal going for a cover but only getting a two count. Lethal delivered a backbreaker going for another cover but only a near fall. Williams now in the corner and Lethal with a float over but Williams landed a knee to the jaw of Lethal sweeping out his legs. Senshi tagged in, with a round of hard kicks to Lethal. Both men then started to exchange a series of chops, before Lethal gave him a drop kick. Senshi went off the ropes but was caught midmove by Lethal who used a flapjack on him putting him face first into the mat. A forearm from Lethal who then went off the ropes. He was stopped short by a mule kick from Senshi which gave Senshi a near fall. Alex Shelley tagged in. They used a double team move on Lethal before Shelley decided to work on the neck of Lethal with a necktie bridge. Lethal countered turning the necktie choke around on Shelley, which only lasted a few seconds before Shelley turned it around once more adding a backbreaker. He got a two count. Lethal turned it back to his advantage for a moment with a jaw breaker but as he came off the ropes, Shelley landed a mule kick to him. Shelley went for an off the ropes move himself, but was caught up in a hiptoss take over, and a low drop kick. Sonjay Dutt tagged in. He got Shelley in a headscissors take over, following it with a deep arm drag. He used a drop toehold and two standing moonsaults before getting a near fall. Now in the corner Dutt went for a top rope move but Shelley pulled him down onto the rope giving him a very intense rope burn. Shelley continued to use the ropes in his favour, then added a spinning kick for good measure. He got a near fall. This lead to a double leg take down and a perfect moonsault off the second rope. Another near fall. Then he did tagged Shark Boy in with a bit of a mind melt. The rest of the guys got into the ring then for a six pack suplex (Shelley, Williams, Senshi over) Shark Boy sent a few chops to Dutt, then a kick and a shoulder block from outside the ring. Dutt then delivered a few running elbows to Shark Boy who is now in the corner. This was countered with a stiff boot by Shark Boy. He went for the deadsea drop but was stopped, which he then used a neck breaker on Dutt. Shark Boy up to the top rope for an elbow drop but missed letting Dutt slap on a standing moonsault. Shark Boy has been eliminated. Shelley came in with a knee to the shoulder of Dutt, sending him into the corner with an extended leg to the throat of Dutt. Dutt then gave a open hand slap to the jaw of Shelley, who came back at him with a round kick to the back of the skull. Dutt went off the top rope but missed, as Shelley tossed him back into the corner and used a double kick to the back of his knees. Lethal tagged in with a drop kick on Shelley. Shelley managed to get the upper hand again with a simple face plant into the second turnbuckle then set Lethal up for his medium drop kick pushing the back of Lethal's neck hard into the second turnbuckle. Beauty. Shelley followed up with a brainbuster and top rope senton that backfired on him as Lethal got the knees up. Things in Lethal's favour now as he slapped on a full nelson overhook getting the pin on Shelley. Alex Shelley was eliminated. Everyone jumped into the ring and there were flying round houses everywhere for a few moments. Senshi was sent out of the ring by Dutt, then Williams went off the top rope with a cross body onto Senshi. Lethal used a suicide dive on Williams, Dutt top turnbuckle moonsault on all three men outside of the ring. Lethal and Williams in the ring. Lethal used a springboard but Williams got out of the way, but Lethal got him with a kick to the face. Williams then slapped on his Canadian Destroyer for a pin on Lethal. Jay Lethal was eliminated. Dutt in the ring with a series of kicks to Williams. Williams was in the corner managed to move and reverse things on Dutt with a hard leg drop on the ring apron. Williams got a near fall. Williams drops Dutt on the ropes, going for a running move but didn't see Senshi tag himself in. Senshi had a massive running clothesline on Williams. Senshi and Williams both climbing the ropes, Dutt used a flip on Williams Senshi landed his double stomp on Williams getting the pin. Petey Williams was eliminated. Dutt then gets a hurricanran off the top rope on Senshi followed by a low drop kick but only a two count. He backed this up with a spinning DDT before Senshi used another double foot stomp but only got a two count. Dutt used a jawbreaker on Senshi then climbed the ropes but was caught with the knees. This gave Senshi the advantage where upon he landed a vicious looking double drop kick to the face of Dutt sending him crashing into the corner. He had him in the tree of woe ending it with a double foot stomp to the head getting the win. Senshi went on to the ppv Slammiversary as the number one contender for the X-Division belt.

What I liked about this match, besides the obvious screen shot, were the unique moves Shelley was introducing into it, mostly against Lethal. There really wasn't anything too predictable in this match at all, and the pace was strong. The guys were quick with their moves, as well, the overall length of this match gave it; it's credit. This was also the first many of us had seen Senshi. I had not seen him wrestle as his former ego Loki, but his style was definitely a compliment to the rest of the guys in this match.

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