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Thursday, April 8, 2010

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for April 5th 2010

Originally posted on my blog on April 8th 2010
I used screen capture for this post. 

iTunes Canada was 3 days late again.  Dude, are you going to do this on the weeks of every live show? We have readers on this blog. Not as many as I would like, but readers none the less. Maybe I need to bring back the Sabin hair gimmick and get the return of the Sabin fans to the blog?

So we have a pointless flashback from last week then we go to an interview with the Knock Outs. Okay, you all know my rule about talking about the Knock Outs, but honestly, where are they all?  Velvet Sky was saying how they -the TNA Knock Outs- have revolutionized the business, but in the last 4 months I have not seen anything new or revolutionary from the TNA women's division. It looks like the same stale old dren that the other company offers.  I was impressed back 3 years ago when the Knock Outs made their debut, now my fast forward button can't go fast enough.
Fix the frealing opening already it's still crap. No, I'm not difficult to please, just bored. Dude I have been a fan for 31 of my 36 years on this planet, and I really do not want to see the same stuff over and over and over again. On the rare time I do, I buy the dvd.  All you're giving me is old production notes from WCW with a fresh slice of moldy cheese on the plate.

Our first match which was by the by is after the 20minute mark;  has already started and is between Storm and RVD.  Storm sends RVD into the corner, RVD floats over then puts a boot to the face of Storm. RVD uses his roll through/monkey flip to toss Storm across the ring. Storm sent RVD into the other corner but RVD countered, sending Storm off the ring apron with a kick. He then went for a baseball slid, but Storm caught him and slammed him into the rails. RVD used a shoulder block from outside the ropes but Storm countered with a mid rope DDT. He went for a pin but only got a two count. Storm followed this with a vertical suplex, and a rear chin lock in the middle of the mat. RVD fought out of it, and was going off the ropes, Storm tried for a knee to the jaw but RVD grabbed his leg going for a roll up.  Only a two count. RVD then used his trademark spinkick before both men started trading fists. Another high spin kick from RVD which gave him a chance to set up for his rolling thunder. Storm managed to come back with a spinning heel kick to the skull and a the eye of the storm. RVD came back with a front slam and his split legged moonsault for the win.  Boo.

Homicide vs Rob Terry for the Global title. He's calling himself the Freak? Dude, really? Homicide did not wait, he jumped him as the bell was being rung. Kick to the stomach followed by a chop, did nothing. Much as the next set of chops. Homicide went off the ropes but ended up with a clothesline for his troubles. Terry followed this up with a choke slam that sent Homicide flying across the ring. Homicide then tried for a monkey flip but failed, before Terry got him in a long held press slam. Homicide then got tossed the other end of the ring via a deep hip toss. Homicide tried for a corner move but was caught in a front slam.  Terry got the win. What the freal was that?  I'm talking the end of the Global match, which had Terry standing there bleeding from a evil harsh chair shot that by the by never took him down, didn't even phase him,  but the fact Orlando Jordan came out with I don't even want to know what splattered on him... What the freal is the deal with Jordan? No second thought, I don't want to know at all.  Just toast him already.

Knock Outs match... don't care. Tara won the first round getting a key to a locked box she got her spider back . Daffnay won the second round getting a key to a locked box she lost and had to do a strip tease. Velvet Sky won round three got a key to a locked box, she got the open contract to any match. Angelina Love won the final round getting a key to the locked box she won the belt.

Ladder match between Kurt Angle and Mr. Anderson. Anderson jumped Angle, and had him down in the corner where he was stepping on his throat before using a punch/kick combo. The bell was then rung and we see Anderson with Kurt Angle on his shoulders for a drop roll. The ladder was then brought into the ring, as Angle started to show some fight. Anderson then suplexed him onto the ladder. Kurt recovered enough to give Anderson a belly to back suplex on the ladder himself. Kurt then followed it up with a few closed fists before starting to send Anderson into the ladder, but Anderson ducked and reversed it sending Kurt face first into the ladder. Anderson then started up the ladder, but was not high enough as Kurt grabbed him for an Angleslam.   Anderson is now outside of the ring on the floor. Kurt was at the top of the ladder, Anderson came back in toppling it and Kurt went over the top rope hit the apron and fell hard onto the floor.  Dude that was like a 14 foot drop! The crowd started to chant  "holy s**t" which the censor crew could not censor proper. Anderson back up the ladder, somehow Kurt got up and onto the top turnbuckle drop kicking the ladder out from under Anderson. Both men down and with good reason. Kurt back up to his feet with a over head suplex on Anderson. How is he even breathing let alone standing? Kurt placed Anderson on the ladder and went back to the ropes for a top rope moonsault. He picked up Anderson and tossed him shoulder first into the ring post, and started up the ladder again.  Anderson the used the chain of Kurt's metal to choke him out. Anderson then climbed up for the key that was hanging there.

Okay I adore Jay Lethal.  As Jay Lethal not as Macho Man. Please, please please drop the gimmick.  I have been begging you to, nagging you to drop the gimmick for the last year and a half.   Just drop the gimmick and be the old Jay Lethal.

Anyone else feel like just watching old episodes of the Trailer Park Boys?  or Durham County?
 Pope's promo was good.  Dude, I will find a way to get your trenchcoat righty-ho righty-ho.

Doug Williams  vs Generation Me in a gauntlet match.  My money's on Williams as I really don't care much at all for Generation Me. Jeremy started dude two words for you 1) hair  2) cut Williams used an armbar but Jeremy countered causing Williams to go for the ropes to break the hold. Williams then took out the legs of Jeremy sending him into the corner, but Jeremy countered with a moonsault/cross body combo. Williams came back at him with a simple open hand slap getting him against the ropes but Jeremy got a boot up landing it square in Williams face. This he followed up with a outside shoulderblock and a springboard powerbomb planting Williams face first. Williams shook it off and used his chaos theory suplex for the win of this first round.
Second round was Max who used a suicide dive to get into the ring landing on Williams. Max then ducked a clothesline before using a drop kick but only got a two count. Williams was then sent across the ring hitting the one corner then the other as Max went for a scoop slam and a flying leg drop. Williams then out of nowhere used a front choke small package forcing Max to tap.  Yay. I like Williams.

Wolfe vs Pope.  Wolfe did not wait and ran down the ramp at Pope, but was greeted with a hard fist. Wolfe was thrown into the ring, but still managed to get an upper cut on Pope as he was climbing into the ring, getting the advantage. Pope fought back but was cut short by a knee to the chest followed by Wolfe's flying hammerlock. Pope was placed on the top turnbuckle where upon Wolfe used his double chop setting up for the tower of london but it was countered. They got out of the corner, with Pope using a open palmed thrust. Pope followed that up with his DDE for the win.  Then Styles came out of nowhere looking normal for the first time in months knocking into Pope and the camera man who got crushed under everyone.

And the MotorCityMachine Guns! vs Team 3D for the number one contenders spot. Chris Sabin and Brother Ray started off with a collar tie up which Brother Ray turned into a armbar.  Sabin countered it reversing it on him. Mr. Sabin Have I nagged yet about the boots? No well consider this me asking what the hell is up with those laces you wear? I know you've been doing the footwear like that for awhile now but ... Brother Ray managed to roll out of it, landing a hard right on Sabin's jaw. Sabin countered with a series of forearmss and kicks, looking like he had things under control, but he didn't. Brother Ray placed one perfectly timed boot to the face sending Sabin hard to the mat. He was going for a second round, but Sabin rolled and got him with a mule kick.  Beauty. He backed it up with a springboard cross body but it only got him a near fall. Alex Shelley tagged in and they used a double team move on Brother Ray. Brother Ray came back at Shelley with a vicious chop sending him staggering back and then tagged in Devon. Devon had Shelley down on the mat, using a headbutt to the lower back for added pressure. Shelley was heading for a tag but was cut short when Devon grabbed him slapping on a bear hug. He broke the hold and landed a kick to the jaw of Devon, rocking him. Sabin tagged back in crossing to the far corner with a forearm to Brother Ray before turning his attention back to Devon with a running forearm. Brother Ray came back into the ring, Sabin caught him with a mule kick then went to the top rope for a double drop kick on them both. Brother Ray got to his feet and went charging but Sabin ducked and Brother Ray continued on landing the clothesline on Devon in the corner. Sabin then used a flying kick to the back of the skull on Brother Ray, before turning his attention back on Devon. Double team from him and Shelley on Devon with their stereo kicks. Shelley tagged back in and went off the top rope for a cross body while Sabin held Devon in a neckbreaker. Got only a two count. Brother Ray then from behind with a double clothesline taking both MMG to the mat. He then picked up Sabin in a scoop slam as Devon went to the top rope landing a What's Up on Sabin.  Boo. Then Nash and his boys came down to the ring ruining the match. Double Boo. And you can see that Shelley got marked up but it didn't work proper because he had been sweating.

So to sum up my thoughts this week,  if you are downloading from iTunes and missing the old TNA like I am,  just skip this week and down load the episode from June 18th 2006.  Which was a great episode...


  1. Did you not see the actual end to the episode? I know Canada gets things censored all the time. The Knock outs opened their lock boxes, and all that b.s.

    I actually decided to give TNA a chance, and not only did I think everything about the show was complete garbage, but it's ONE redeeming factor was going to be Daffney doing a striptease. Only, before she did anything, Lacey Von Erich ran down, hit her with a big giant dildo-looking thing, and then stripped. I'm sure most find her more attractive than Daffney, but if I want to see a blonde with fake tits, I'll open up a Playboy.

  2. What do you mean Canada gets things censored?
    We have naked men and the f-word on CBC all the time.

  3. I've always heard that they used to censor WWE all the time, and I assumed it was the same with TNA. They always edit out any violence towards women, and anything that's overly sexual relating to a woman.

    They didn't, then? You saw the Knockouts thing to end TNA?

  4. You obviously are not familiar with my column. When a wrestler has stuff on the show it is clumped together. Go up to the top half and you will see I say which Knock Out got what

  5. Ohhhhh... confusing! haha.

    Still, why did they have to ruin the Daffney strip?? I was pretty sad.

    I have a show coming up in two weeks with the Pope. Anything you want me to ask him??

  6. Tell him Ardeth Blood who does the weekly column on is still waiting for that wicked trenchcoat. Which I say every week in this column