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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Smackdown 3/12/2010

We opened with Rey Mysterio who for some crazy reason brought his wife and kids to the ring. WTF?
Then CM Punk came out and made the kids cry. I would too if that bearded long haired freak was staring me in the face. What is it with wrestlers and not washing their hair?

Match #1 Miz vs R-Truth. Miz started off looking strong with a series of fists to the back and neck of Truth getting him into the corner with a high knee. Truth got out and ducked a clothesline from Miz before hitting him with a large leg. Miz then got tossed out of the ring, Truth backed it up with a dive. Back in the ring, Miz had a side headlock on Truth, but Truth broke out and slammed Miz hard. They then started to trade fists for a few minutes, Miz then got put down with a few clotheslines before landing a kick to Truth's face. Truth then went for a pin but only got a near fall. Miz used a backbreaker but only got a near fall. Miz went for another pin with a rope cheat but his rookie pushed his legs off the rope. Truth then used his lie detector for the win.

Match #2 Drew McIntyre vs Aaron Bolo. Drew started with a knee to the gut of Bolo then followed with a series of short clotheslines in the corner. He then used his future shock ddt for the win.

Match #3 Big Show vs John Morrison. Morrison went right for BS with a kick and a forearm but was knocked hard to the mat by a shoulder block from BS. BS then used a headbutt before getting him in the corner for a large chop. BS then just dragged Morrision around by the ankle yelling at him. BS stepped on Morrison's chest before laying in another series of chops. BS got him then in a choke hold in the middle of the ring, Morrison trying to fight out with a series of elbows before making it to the ropes to break the hold. BS then kicked Morrison in the head knocking him out of the ring. BS then reached down and pulled Morrison back into the ring over the top rope by his hair, clearing the rope completely. Morrison used a kick and a series of punches as he tried to get it into his favour. He then took out the knee of BS. Morrison used a top rope drop kick but only got a near fall. Morrison was going for another rope move but BS punched him in mid air knocking him out and getting the pin.

Match #4 Hart Dynasty vs Cryme Tyme. Kidd and JTG started it off with Kidd using a combo of kicks and punches. JTG countered with a sliding uppercut (he slid across the ring to land an upper cut rocking Kidd) and a drop kick. Kidd turned it around and took the knee out from under him. Kidd continued to work on the knee before slapping on a Boston crab. Then the lights went out and the Undertaker was in the ring. Match was thrown out.

Match #5 McCool vs Tiffany. McCool shoved her hard mocking her before Tiffany landed an inverted atomic drop on her. Tiffany then followed with two clotheslines and a low dropkick before kicking McCool out of the ring. She then continued to slam McCool face first around the ring apron. Vickie then got involved used a running shoulder block to knock Tiffany down causing a double dq.

Match #6 Kane vs Luke Gallows. They started with a collar tie up, Kane turning it into a side headlock following it with a shoulder block. Gallows pushed Kane into the corner wiht a series of punches, Kane turned it around with a running clothesline. Gallows then ducked another clothesline and answered it with a shoulderblock of his own knocking Kane down. He started to then stomp on Kane, but Kane rolled out and served up a low drop kick on Gallows. Gallows then rolled out of the ring. Back in the ring, and Gallows suplexed Kane going for a pin but got only a two count. Gallows then slapped a choke hold on Kane in the middle of the ring. Kane got to his feet and gave Gallows a boot and an upper cut. Kane used a sidewalk slam but only got a two count. Kane had a choke slam on Gallows, and Punk ran into the ring causing a dq.

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