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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Raw: 3/1/2010

First match of the night was Randy Orton vs Ted DiBiase. DiBiase started it off with a few kicks to Orton's stomach before following it up with a punch. Orton did turn it around for a few seconds with a series of punches himself getting DiBiase into the corner but it didn't last long. DiBiase once again took control of the situation, but ended up with a short closeline for his troubles. DiBiase managed to get Orton into the corner this time for a beat down before giving him a drop kick. Orton was tossed outside the ring, DiBiase tried then to shove him into the ring post but Orton countered, tossing DiBiase into it. Orton then used an uppercut rolling back into the ring. DiBiase was stomping on Orton having control of the match for a few minutes. DiBiase got a two count but Orton powered out. DiBiase then went for a submission move, but Orton used the ropes to get out of it, walking into a closeline. They then ended up exchanging fists in the middle of the ring, Orton slapped a scoop slam on him backing it up with his stomp-walk and a knee drop. Rhodes came to the ring causing chaos and a double dq. Legacy then double teamed Orton in the middle of the ring for a brief moment before Orton destroyed them.

Cheech and man! You have no idea how to use your guest hosts, that tells me it's time to stop with the whole guest host idea.

Match #2 a money in the bank qualifier. Jack Swagger vs Santino. Collar tie up for starters, with Swagger using a gut wrench power bomb for the win. Why even have the match if you are going to have it less then a minute ?

Match #3 a money in the bank qualifier. Zack Ryder vs MVP. Ryder was on the attack -what the hell is that he's wearing?- with a series of kicks but MVP countered with an overhead suplex. Then a high knee to the face, followed by his trademark ballin and playmaker for the win. Another match that was less then a minute. Why do it at all?

Match #4 Divas pillow fight. Kelly Kelly, Gail Kim, Eve, Jillian, Alicia Fox and Mayrse. This was a pointless match, they all ganged up on Mayrse then Jillian started to close line everyone then Mayrse ddted Kelly Kelly, Gail Kim put a backbreaker on Mayrse, then Gail Kim got tossed out of the ring. Total chaos, Eve pinned I have no idea who for the win.

Final of the night, DX vs Miz/Big Show for the titles. Big Show and HBK started off, HBK ducked as BS went for him, it then went back and forth between them in a series of chops before Miz tagged in. He began stomping on HBK and got a near fall. BS tagged back in keeping HBK down on the mat. He then slapped a bear hug on him. Triple H tagged in, and used a jawbreaker on BS then a spine buster. Miz ran in and got slammed, then HBK creeped in knocking out BS. Both Miz and HBK tagged in, with HBK delivering an inverted atomic drop on Miz. HBK went to the top rope for an elbow, then Undertaker caused some chaos and Miz used a roll up for the win. Sheamus came out of nowhere and attacked Triple H.

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