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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Raw : 3/8/2010

We open with the Undertaker which you know takes a million years for him to get to the ring. I could have vacuumed the house in the time it took him to get there. They seemed to skip the opening credits which is fine as I think the credits sucked anyway. Nor did I need to see an extreme close up of the tip of his nose which looked on my screen to have a large slice taken from it.

Match #1 Diva match Kelly Kelly, Eve and Gail Kim vs Alicia Fox, Katie Lea and Maryse. Gail Kim and Alicia Fox started it off, with a go behind that turned into a side headlock then a roll over. Fox fought out of it with a series of elbows before getting caught in the corner. Gail Kim then went off the ropes nailing Katie Lea who was on the apron, but walked into a boot. Maryse tagged in using a spinning backbreaker. Eve then tagged in with a closeline on Maryse followed by a series of dropkicks. Katie Lea and Fox came in for a double team move on Eve with was followed by Gail Kim and Kelly Kelly double teaming them. Eve then went to the top rope and used a flying armbar landing in the middle of the ring for a submission. Maryse tapped.

Match #2 Big Show/Miz vs R-Truth/John Morrison. Miz can't seem to believe his script cause when he came out he kept asking "really?" Miz get a new catch phrase. R-Truth and Miz started it. Truth first kicking Miz then tossing him, letting Morrison in the ring for a double team move knocking him out of the ring. Then they double DDTed Big Show. The match was thrown out.

Match #3 Legacy vs Randy Orton in a handi cap match. Orton slammed them both from behind before the match started. Orton started against Rhodes. Collar tie up, Orton in the corner. He turned it around with a series of punches then a hard elbow knocking Rhodes to the mat. DiBiase tagged in, showing a strong start with another series of punches then a kick to Orton's face. Orton countered with a clothesline. Rhodes tagged back in, he was tossed from one corner to the other before hitting Orton in the face with another elbow. DiBiase used a cheap shot getting Orton down in the corner. Rhodes was elevated about 4 feet and tossed outside of the ring. Back in the ring, Orton throwing punches and another clothesline on Rhodes, Rhodes used a jawbreaker tossing Orton out of the ring, where DiBiase used a drop kick on him. Back in the ring. Rhodes had a knee to the head of Orton, then DiBiase tagged in and they used a double team move. DiBiase with a modified sleeper, Orton on the mat. He fought out of it bouncing off the ropes, but DiBiase was one step ahead with a clothesline that nearly took Orton's head off. only got a two count. Rhodes tagged back in with a dropkick got a near fall, then back to the elbows to the forehead. He then hung Orton up on the top rope kicking him. DiBiase tagged back in keeping Orton in the corner with a boot across the throat. Orton fought back with another series of clotheslines and a scoop slam for each of them before using a backbreaker on DiBiase. DiBiase somehow managed to land his DreamStreet on Orton for the win.

Match #4 a money in the bank qualifying match. Evan Bourne vs William Regal. Regal started out looking strong with a take down and kick to Bourne before using an upper cut to rock him. Bourne turned it in his favour with a series of kicks to the thighs of Regal before getting a clothesline. Regal used a chickenwing throw getting a two count before just tossing Bourne across the ring. Bourne then turned it back in his favour with a high knee, and used his trademark airbourne for the win.

Criss Angel was the guest host for this episode. They announced that he's been named magician of the century because of how amazing he is. Well, everyone knows he's a witch.

Match #5 Vince McMahon vs John Cena. Surprise it's a handi cap gauntlet match. Kozlov came out then, Cena laying into him with a series of punches then got a power slam from Kozlov. McMahon tagged in, got a two count then he called Drew McIntyre into the ring. McIntyre slammed on knees and punches then tagged MaMahon in again for another two count. Swagger ran in. Cena managed to gain control almost instantly, but Swagger turned it around with a sweep and a power bomb and two mid rope slam drops before McMahon tagged again for another two count. then Mark Henry came out.... this is just silly. Then Batista speared Mark Henry for whatever reason, then Kofi Kingston came down to beat down Batista. Silly silly silly. Cena then took it to Batista before getting speared by Batista. McMahon got the pin for what it's worth.

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