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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Smackdown 3/26/2010

Match #1 Raw vs Smackdown money in the bank 10 man tag. Kane/Dolph Ziggler/Matt Hardy/Shelton Benjamin/Drew McIntyre vs Christian/MVP/Jack Swagger/Evan Bourne/Kofi Kingston. This is chaos. Ziggler and Kofi started it off with a collar tie up. Kofi slipped around Ziggler with what was looking like a reversed bear hug but Ziggler countered. Kofi then slapped on a side headlock but Ziggler broke the move. Ziggler then off the ropes with a shoulder block that knocked down Kofi. Kofi went for a cover but everyone else jumped into the ring breaking up the hold. Hardy and Swagger tagged in. Hardy used a running bulldog but only got a near fall. Benjamin tagged in, using a kick on Swagger then tossed him into the corner. Swagger fought back with a series of punching. Swagger then used a belly to belly suplex getting the upper hand. Swagger was going for another suplex but Benjamin fought out with a hard elbow then a spinning heel kick. Evan Bourne blindtagged himself in with a quick kick to the thighs of Benjamin following it with a drop kick. Christian tagged in. This was good as they were able to wear down Benjamin. Christian used an armbar working on the shoulder, but Benjamin some how got out of the hold. Christian followed this with a quick kick to the stomach pushing him into the corner and tagging in MVP. He used a flying shoulder block to knock down Benjamin. Another quick tag to Bourne who went to the top rope for his airbourne but McIntyre shook the top rope, Bourne stumbled but managed to land a kick to McIntyre before he fell. This let Benjamin enough time to recop and grab Bourne tossing him across the ring. He then got Bourne in a submission move in the middle of the ring. Kane tagged in landing a heavy boot to Bourne's chest. Kane just toyed with him for a few minutes before a large scoop slam. Hardy tagged back in with another scoop slam on Bourne. Only a two count. Ziggler tagged back in, got a two count. Ziggler went with a large elbow then tagged Hardy back in. Another quick tag back to Ziggler who just brutalized Bourne. Christian tagged in with large forearms to Ziggler then to the top rope for a flying drop kick. Ziggler then took out the knee of Christian, who then countered with a sea-saw on the second rope. Then everyone else ran in and chaos. Christian had Ziggler in the corner where McIntyre blindtagged himself in. McIntyre used a DDT for the win.

Match #2 Diva's match. Beth Phoenix vs Vickie. This is Vickie's first ever match. Which became a 5 on 1 handi cap match. The Diva's locker room emptied for this match. Layla started againt Beth and was just over powered with a slam to the corner. Layla got one elbow in before getting slammed. Beth then pulled everyone into the ring tossing everyone into each other and using double clotheslines. Vickie tagged in and got the pin.

Match #3 R-Truth vs Big Show. BS used a few chops then tossed him across the ring before stepping on Truth's throat. He then slammed Truth hard in the middle of the ring. Another hard chop, followed by a toss into the ring post. BS used a headbutt knocking him to the mat. Truth did get a kick in, before BS used an over head toss almost shifting the ring. BS went to the second rope for a flying elbow but missed. Morrison ran into the ring and they double teamed him, having the match thrown out.

This was a short show, so to speak. Only three matches, but the rest was all recaps and shots of fans at the pre-wrestlmaina events.

Given Vickie has been in the business for over a decade, I was expecting a lot more out of her match. I thought that we would finally see her do something with the knowledge she's gathered from her famous wrestling family. But sadly she did not. I really really hope Vickie was paid a lot for that tights pull down. That takes a brave confident woman to be put through that on television.

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