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Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for March 22 2010

Originally posted on my blog on March 25 2010

iTunes Canada was 3 days late this week. It did not seem to be on Spike Tv official website all week either.

We open with some massive retardedness (that even a word?) Bishoff playing guitar. I'm not big on musicians. Once you've dated four or five watching a man play guitar losses its flavour. Bishoff, I do not want to know a frealing thing about you shut up. Was there camera issues on the show this week? Cause my download is hic-upping.

Knock Out tag match.... I don't care

And then I just fast forwarded till I saw Tomko in the ring. He went up against Rob Terry for the Global belt. Tomko did not wait for the bell, just slapped a large forearm up against his temple. Followed it with a running shoulder block that did nothing. Terry answered with a hard short clothesline of his own knocking Tomko down. Tomko then was tossed from one corner to the other, but managed to get an elbow up making Terry stumble. Terry countered with a hard slam press then followed that with a spinning kick. He then used a choke slam for the win. When the hell did Tomko end up being the jobber of the week?

What's with all the flashbacks? Dude, my memory might be bad, but it's not that bad that I need you to recap what happened fifteen minutes ago. Stop it! Editing crew no more cookies for you.

Does JB look out of sorts to anyone else? Loose the suit it makes you look ... uncomfortable in your own skin. I liked the old JB.

Jeff Jarrett vs Mick Foley with a looser is fired match. Beer Money Inc as the double special refs. Storm stayed in the ring while Roode was outside. We started with a collar tie up, turned into a side headlock on Jarrett, with Foley then going off the ropes landing a clothesline on him. Jarrett down. Another side headlock on Foley, he countered and pushed Jarrett into the ropes, landing a back elbow on his jaw as he came off them. Jarrett down. Foley only got a two count. Jarrett used a sunset flip but Foley countered with a simple clap of the knees breaking the hold. Foley used a backslide for a near fall, following it up with a series of hard right hands before tangling Jarrett up in the ropes for a modified clutch. Foley then was going for the double armed DDT, but Jarrett broke out of it, going for his Stroke, Foley countered. Alot of back and forth in this match so far. We then went outside the ring with Foley slamming Jarrett face first into the guardrails. Up the ramp and Jarrett used a few upper cuts getting the match turned around. Jarrett then suplexed Foley on the ramp. Back in the ring and it's all Jarrett with a series of hard punches. Roode is the inring ref now. Jarrett went for a cover but only got a near fall. Jarrett then used a DDT on Foley but it was only a two count again. Foley somehow managed to turn it back around into his favour with the double armed DDT this time, but it was only a two count as Jarrett used the ropes for a break. Foley then used the sock and a rear naked choke but Jarrett got out. A steel chair was brought in, and Jarrett used the Stroke on the chair for the win.

Did I hear right ? Moving the company forward? No you're not. You've moved it about twenty paces backwards. You say you listen to the fans, but you're not. I've been telling you for months what I think, and I'm just screaming into the darkness aren't I?

Matt Morgan the evil druid vs Hernandez. Morgan came down to the ring with both tag team belts in his hands, and Hernandez slammed him from behind knocking him to the ramp. They made their way to the ring by Hernandez punching Morgan the whole time. He tossed Morgan into the ring . Dude what was the look in Hernandez's eyes? He then knocked him out of the ring with a running shoulder block. It was one brutal attack, slamming Morgan face first into the ring apron then the stairs before using an upper cut and a double sledge handle. Back in the ring now, and Hernandez used the t-shirt toss sending Morgan the full length of the ring. Morgan finally turned it into his favour by tossing Hernandez out of the ring. Hernandez then dragged Morgan out of the ring, going for a slam against the ring post but Morgan ducked sending Hernandez into it. Morgan then used the carbon footprint against him smashing him into the ringpost. The match was called and medics were brought out. At this point I have to say, that it was reported on another fan site that Hernandez suffered what looks to be a career ending injury.

Beer Money Inc had a match against two guys I don't care about so... sorry about your damned luck.

The whole staff at hope that Hernandez recovers quickly.

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