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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Smackdown 2/26/2010

We open with Jericho whinning as usual, then Edge came down to the ring and speared him.

The first match of the night was a triple threat match for the money in the bank. John Morrison vs Dolph Ziggler vs R-Truth. Ziggler rolled out of the ring and both R-Truth and Morrison got out to toss him back in before double teaming him. Ziggler went back out of the ring again leaving Morrison and RTruth to start off. They used a collar tie up which Morrison turned into an armbar before Truth used a flying leg or a near fall. Ziggler broke the count. Morrison then put a side head lock on Truth followed by a drop kick also getting a near fall before Ziggler broke the pin again. Truth had a closeline for both tossing Morrison out of the ring, followed by Ziggler. Back in the ring Ziggler had RTruth in a side sleeper but Morrison broke the holde, causing Ziggler to sweep the legs of Morrison out from under him before using an inverted body slam but only got a two count. All three men were back in the ring each with a series of near falls then all three went to the top rope. Ziggler fell outside of the ring hard. Morrison got a sunset flip power bomb on Truth, but Ziggler pulled Morrison out and pinned Truth for the win.

Match #2 was a Divas match. McCool vs Mickie James with Vickie as ref. They started with a collar tie up turning into a side head lock on Mickie. She turned it around with a series of kicks and a neck breaker. Both ended up outside the ring, Mickie getting a leg scissors on McCool. Back in the ring, McCool kicked Mickie in the stomach and got the win after Vickie decided to slap Mickie.

Match #3 Kane vs Drew McIntyre. Drew tried for a kick but Kane caught his leg, giving him a chop then backing him into the corner, continuing to stomp on him. Kane used a suplex for a near fall. Drew used a neck breaker off the top rope getting the upper hand then followed with a few clotheslines knocking Kane down. Drew then slapped a modified choke hold on Kane, working on his injured neck. Kane broke the hold by tossing Drew across the ring, before Kane then got the pin with a large boot.

The Miz came to play on Smackdown.

Match 4 CM Punk vs Sheldon Benjerman. This started with a collar tie Punk stomping on him in the corner. Benjerman turned it in his favour with a series of boots. Punk rolled out of the ring before using the top rope for a neck breaker on him. He then spring boarded into the ring for a near fall. Punk continued to look good with a cross under roll but only got a near fall. Punk slapped a submisson move on Benjerman but it was countered, Benjerman using a suplex bridge for a tow count, but did manage to get the win with his paydirt.

Match #5 Edge vs Miz. Miz was looking smoking hot in the purple tights. He started it off with a collar tie up but Edge countered swirving as Miz ducked between the ropes. Another collar tie up that led into a belly to back suplex. Edge then turned it for his favour with a suplexed bridge and slapped a side headlock, followed by a shoulder block. Miz backed into the corner going for a boot but Edge ducked and slid out of the ring dragging Miz out. Back in the ring and Miz has the advantage with a modified sleeper on Edge as he continued to work on the injured neck. He crashed Edge in the corner a few times before going for a top rope move, but was caught in mid air. Edge turned this into flap jack slam. He then pulled a side russian leg sweep backed up with a series of closelines and a revirsed power bomb. Miz countered with a double back breaker but only got a two count. Edge speared him for the win.

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