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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The End of ECW

Well many of you who watched last nights ECW know that it was the end of a great show. Goldmember and Tatsu versus Big Show and The Miz, and with typical fashion Big Show and The Miz won the match. Then they showed Tiffany giving a farewell speech when non other than Ryder and Mendez appeared to get in on the match with Christian and Jackson to which Tiffany said no which resulted in Rosa Mendez spatting some spanish words at her. And Tiffany told Rosa she didn't care what language she spoke in the answer was NO. Next was the match between Christian and Jackson. Christian came out and said a nice farewell about how he loved being with ECW he didn't consider it a step down in the least. He appreciated being there. Just as the a was getting underway Ryder and Rosa interfered. Rosa slapped Christian which resulted in Tiffany coming out to dish some pain on Rosa and screaming at them to get out. The match ended with a new champion Jackson overpowered Christian for the win.

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