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Friday, February 12, 2010

Raw : 2/8/2010

We opened with a recap of the Bret Hart situation.
I hate the opening credits by the way, the song is a total irritation and the opening looks too much like a bad Much Music commercial from 25 years ago.
The guest host was a race driver I've never heard of before, but then again I am not into racing. Carl Edwards. Anyone else notice that there has only been one female guest host so far on Raw? When Trish Stratus hosted back in the summer.
But hey, Sheamus came out to liven things up; yes the members of hcvpteam are hot for Sheamus. Christian came out.... hey isn't he from ECW the show we don't get here?

Christian vs Sheamus. It started with a collar tie up that turned into a armdrag/hip toss by Sheamus. He managed to get a punch in on Christian, but then when he went for an elbow in the corner, Christian blocked it and went for a cross body, that was caught in midair. Sheamus then tossed him overhead and used a running closeline to get Christian over the ropes onto the floor. Back in the ring, Sheamus had Christian down on the mat in a modified sleeper armlock. Christian powered out but Sheamus answered with a heavy knee to the chest before Christian used the ropes for a shoulder block. Both men fell to their knees. Christian pulled the top rope when Sheamus went for another closeline, tossing Sheamus over. Christian then went for a top rope springboard/suicide drop combo. Sheamus turned it back to his favour with the use of the ring post to the shoulder. He then continued to work on the shoulder by sending Christian backwards into the guardrail with a hammerlock. Back in the ring, Sheamus used another hammerlock keeping him down on the mat. Christian in the corner began to fight back with a series of elbows before going to the second turnbuckle for a drop kick. He followed up with a series of open palm slaps to the side of the head before using the top rope for a reversed hangman, causing Sheamus to stumble. Another high risk move off the second rope but Sheamus rolled out of the way and used a closeline to gain a small advantage but Christian used a DDT for a near fall. Sheamus used his trademark punt kick and his celtic cross (boarder toss) for the win.

Three Team Tag Elimination match. CM Punk/Luke Gallows vs DX vs Miz/Big Show. The rest of the guys jumped Miz and Big Show tossing BS out of the ring and stomping on Miz in the corner before the bell. DX cleaned the ring. Back in the ring, Punk had HBK in the corner and delivered a high knee then a running bulldog. BS got into the ring trying to sandwich slam both men but missed. This match it is very legal for one member of each team to be in the ring at the same time. Triple H tagged in, as did Gallows, they both went after BS but BS took both men down, getting Gallows into the corner with a chop then Triple H in the other side with a headbutt. Triple H tried to use a petigree but was tossed over the top rope. Miz and Punk tagged in, Punk working on the kneed of Triple H. Miz used a double axehandle on Triple H before turning his attention to Punk. Punk then got a large boot to the face from Triple H before Triple H closelined Miz. Punk used a low hesitation-style drop kick on Miz getting a near fall. Miz used a jawbreaker on Punk and it looked like Miz had the whole thing sewn up but Serrina from the outside pulled Miz off the ring apron. HBK tagged in with a series of forearms to Punk. HBK used a kick to the chin on Punk then got a pin. Gallows and Punk were eliminated. BS then used a double closeline on DX. BS used a headbutt and a closed fist on HBK before standing on him. HBK was in the corner but managed to use two boots on BS, then BS used a sideslam on HBK for a near fall. Miz tagged in, working on HBK with a series of kicks but only got a two count. Miz then used a hang man on him. BS tagged back in and walked into a kick to the chin knocking him down. Miz and Triple H both tagged in. Miz took a few knees to the face before a spinebuster, but HBK blindtagged himself in and the Miz snuck a win with a roll up. Yes the win was a clean win, Big Show and Miz are the new tag team champs.
I think you guys need to do something about the number of tag team belts, poor Miz has to carry three now. Miz's music says he came to play, oh I wouldn't mind playing with Miz.

Divas match. Gail Kim vs Jillian. The match was underway when the camera swung on them, Gail Kim was tossed out of the ring then right back and Jillian went for a cover but Gail Kim powered out. Jillian went for a top rope move landing on Gail Kim for another near fall. Gail Kim turned it around with a long leg to the jaw while holding onto Jillian's arm in a version of a necktie then went for the pin getting the win. Gail Kim advances to the Elimination chamber match against Mayres at the pay per view. Maryes was on headset for this very short match and made a comment about how the behavour over on Smackdown by the Mcool and Layla has been unprofessional and uncalled for. Finally, someone who is saying it like it is.

Jerry Springer will be next week's guest host. Really? He's still kicking around? I remember watching his show 20 years ago in college.

Cody Rhodes vs Randy Orton. Orton pushed Rhodes and they circled each other for a few minutes, before Orton kicked him. Rhodes used a drop kick going for a quick cover. They then used a collar tie up Orton breaking it with a series of closed punches before Rhodes used a grapevine (they still call it that right?) slamming Orton to the mat. Rhodes was then hung up on the top rope landing hard on the mat. Sheamus came into the ring for a second just enough to grab the attention of Orton giving Rhodes the chance to use his crossroads for the win.
Sheamus then got back into the ring after the match was over and used a boot to the skull. Good to see that Sheamus vs Orton is still a feud. Rhodes slid into the ring with a chair protecting Orton for a moment.

Ted DiBiase vs John Cena. Cena jumped DiBiase before the bell, tossing him out of the ring. He then ran him into the rails. There was no bell the match never started, but Cena had the SFU on him outside the ring causing DiBiase to tap. The move looked like it was not applied proper and DiBiase looked actually hurt.
Cena then called out Batista. McMahon came out instead. The show ended on Bret Hart running into the ring beating down everyone.

They announced that in a few weeks time, ECW will no longer exist. There is a new show being planned to replace it. TNX (?) Not too sure if we'll have access to this new show or not, but if we do, will have a review for it.

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