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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Monday Night RAW Feb 22, 2010

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The show begins with Jericho flapping his jaw yet again makes you wonder if he gets sick of hearing his voice. Out comes Edge to spear Jericho. Edge has made his choice for WrestleMania and he will battle Jericho for the title. Out comes John Cena after Edge and Jericho left the arena. John Cena lost the title to Batista last night at the elimination chamber. Cena is talking about how he was screwed by McMahon along with Brett Hart. Cena decided to invoke his rematch clause which brings out McMahon. He seems way to confident with himself.

Cena is determined to get his title match. And Batista isn't defending til WrestleMania. And McMahon reminds Cena that Sheamus has a rematch as well. Cena is in a match tonight, if he wins he goes to Wrestlemania. If he looses Sheamus goes to WrestleMania. Cena battles Batista tonight. That should be an interesting match to say the least.

*on a side note keep in mind both titles are still sitting in Smackdown hands so I'm not sure what good this does.

Maryse versus Gail Kim part of the finales to win the match for the women's title. Gail Kim is wasting no time to win the match, Maryse had to quickly fix her top (my guess these tops don't work well for wrestling). Both girls are badly injured. Both girls are digging down deep to win the match. Maryse is the new Diva's Champion.

Later on tonight will be Diva bull riding. Jewel has hurt her ankle bull riding on a mechanical bull. And of course you see Gillian butchering Jewels song. Jewel got to slap Gillian Hall.

Next they show Orton and discussing the betrayal of DiBiase. Cody Rhodes is kissing up way too much. Orton is blaming himself. And Orton talks about his bullying. Orton sends a message to DiBiase that he's sorry. Legacy is out to destroy Orton. That much is obvious with reference to "the plan"

Legacy versus Evan Bourne, Kofi Kingston, and Yoshi Tatsu (well now we know where Tatsu from ECW are). Bourne desperate to make a tag. Bourne tags in Kingston who's on fire. Until he hit the viper. Orton got tagged in. Orton is quick to destroy Kingston. Kingston trying to battle back. Legacy are conspiring in the corner. Orton delivered a DDT to Rhodes and a RKO to DiBiase. Orton left a laid out Legacy and Bourne, Tatsu and Kingston win the match using the airborne. Orton is very confident about being the leader of Legacy.

Shawn Michaels is coming out to explain his actions at the Elimination Chamber. Michael's is counting on a reaction from the Undertaker. Which cuts into the Undertaker's music. Undertaker looks especially grim tonight. Undertaker versus Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania. Michaels has to put up his soul as part of the match. Michaels career will end if he looses to Undertaker.

Christian is up for a match versus Carlito for a money in the bank ladder match at WrestleMania. A lot of fast moving and kill switch delivered by Christian who earns a ticket to WrestleMania with a money in the bank.

Jewel & Ty Murray host Diva Bull Riding Competition the Diva's beat Big Show when he attempted to ride a bull and lost and then Big Show and The Miz were informed they had a title match.

Unified Tag Team Champions Big Show & The Miz versus Mark Henry & MVP The winner of the match was Big Show and The Miz

2010 WWE Hall of Fame Inductee announcement: Wendi Richter The two-time WWE Women’s Champion will be inducted the night before WrestleMania.

Mr. McMahon invited Bret Hart back to Raw next week for a proper “farewell” He will be brought back next week to give a final farewell to the WWE Universe.

Cheech & Chong will be the special guest managers next week.

John Cena versus WWE Champion Batista The match ended in disqualification when Cena was kicked in the groin by the animal which insured Cena a ticket to WrestleMania


  1. Well right off I was bored as there was no Sheamus. But if he's off with an injury there is nothing that could be done of it.

    The Undertaker...what is up with the housecoat? He's starting to look like an old bloated woman. Infact, that's how the women in my family look once we all hit menopause. Something to look forward to in another few years.
    I was hoping when he said HBK would need to put up something at this rematch, it would be a hair match, but it's only his career which is as thin as his hair is anyway and won't be much of a loss when Undertaker kills him.

    Randy Orton. One of the biggest talents in the industry and he's being misused. It's a bloody waste having him in a second rate story with Rhodes and DiBiase. We all know Orton can run rings around those two -all puns intended- so up him to a better set of stories already.

  2. Undertaker has been wearing that overcoat for years it's a trademark type situation