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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for Feb 4th 2010 part 2

Originally posted on my blog on Feb 9th 2010

I know I said at the end of the review on the weekend, I would be back with the missing pieces as soon as possible. It was available on the official Spike Tv website today. I have no idea what is happening with iTunes Canada. So this week's column is going to be a bit of a stitch up. The missing pieces will be in Blue.

It seems we opened the show with another qualifying round in the 8card stud tournament and it was Brutus Magnus vs Mr. Anderson. Anderson went right for Brutus with a knee lift. Brutus fought out of it with a series of punches. Anderson then kicked the knee out from under Brutus before whipping him hard into the turnbuckle. Brutus did manage to fight back with a half necktie takedown. Anderson used an eye rake then his trademark mic check for the win.

Team 3D vs Hernandez and the evil druid Matt Morgan for the titles. Hernandez and Brother Ray started it off with a collar tie up. It then went back and forth for a few moments with both men trying to block the others' punches before Hernandez got the slight advantage. Hernandez then ended up in the corner on the top turnbuckle where Brother Ray hit him with a vicious forearm. Devon and Morgan both tagged in. Devon had the match in this favour with a large splash from the far ropes knocking Morgan down flat. Morgan managed to get out of it and used a tornado closeline for a near fall. Quick tag to Hernandez who used a basic neck wrench on Devon. Both men went to the top turnbuckle with Devon using a flying headbutt on Hernandez. Both got the tags with Brother Ray sending a series of punches to Morgan. Brother Ray then used a large suplex getting the advantage. Devon came into the ring and they double teamed Morgan. Hernandez then came back into the ring only to get a double shoulder block from Team 3D Nasty Boys came down to the ring which gave Hernandez the advantage.Then Morgan got the win with his trademark carbon footprint

Jesse Neal vs Samoa Joe. Hey, I forgot this Neal guy even existed he hasn't been seen in so long. Neal did not wait for the bell, he jumped Joe as he was getting into the ring. Joe turned it around very quickly with a suplex-high collar tbone- Joe then pushed Neal into the corner and slapped a paylay on him. Neal tried to get it back in his favour with a thumb to the eye then he went to the second turnbuckle for a high risk move, but Joe walked away causing Neal to belly flop. Joe then used his trademark muscle buster for the win.

The Pope vs A.J. Styles in a non title match Pope got an arm bar on Styles The Pope was in the corner with Styles delivering chops to him. Pope slapped him then used a drop toe hold before starting to work on the arm. Styles countered it but it just was not enough. Pope used an interesting combo dance before a very high back body drop. Styles then had the advantage with a knife edge chop and a drop kick. He had Pope on the second rope putting pressure on his neck. Styles then used a snap suplex getting a near fall. Pope did get a few punches in before an inverted atomic drop and another near fall. Pope used a small package for the win.

Why the hell when you do a run in do you need to have the theme music? You Don't. A run in works so much better when you don't hear any theme music and you don't know the wrestler is there until he's popped up on the screen.

Another round in the 8 card stud tournament. Tomko vs Kurt Angle. Tomko got a big boot up knocking Angle down hard. Angle used a headbutt and a closeline to toss Tomko out of the ring. Once back in, Tomko put Angle in a quick snap-slam. Angle was shot shoulder first into the ring post. Tomko had him in the center of the ring on the mat before using a power slam. Tomko went to the top turnbuckle but was countered by Angle with a suplex knocking both men out. Angle managed to get up and slapped on two german suplexes before going for his angle slam. Angle used his trademark ankle lock forcing Tomko to tap out.

Tara vs Love. Tara won keeping her belt. Now you didn't really think I was going to break my rule did you? I have to say this thou, I am not a fan of either but Love looks like she's really improved in the last few months that she has been away. It will be interesting to see what she can do against someone like Hamada.

Mike Foley vs Kevin Nash. This is a no DQ hardcore match. Chaos and a mess in the ring is about all I have to say on this match. Nash managed to win this with a pin.

This was a very boring episode. Nothing new, nothing special and Bored Now.

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