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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Smackdown Results :11/13/09

I know I know you got all used to WWEGIRL's covering the wwe stuff, but due to unforseen issues (4 kids and a migraine headache) I am covering it this week so it won't be as pretty as what you have gotten used to. Don't worry, WWEGIRL will be back next week.

The show was in the UK this week, and opened with CM PUNK trashing the city they were in, as usual. The beard looks good on him, seems he's found the right shade of hair-dye for men.
He's got that Jesus Christ pose going (yes I said it) which fits with his message.
He had the first match against R-Truth. They started off with a shoving match, with R-Truth getting the upper hand causing Punk to go flying into the turnbuckle. Punk tried to turn it around but ended up getting thrown out of the ring. He did manage to get things going his way for a bit, with a few shoulder blocks and a hard kick to the knee of R-Truth. Punk worked on that knee for the rest of the match, using a semi-figure four, getting a near fall. This match was all Punk from that point on. R-Truth did get a few punches and a kick on Punk but Punk got the win with a sitdown rope hug.

The divas were next with Mickie James vs Natalya. Natalya started it off with a pulldown getting Mickie face first on the mat, before slapping on a vicious armbar. Mickie turned it around with a swinging neckroll, and a double drop kick to the face. Both women jumped out of the ring, with Mickie hitting the stairs. Natalya went for a near fall with her surfboard bridge. Mickie turned it around with a series of forearms to the face of Natalya. McCool and Layla came down to interfere giving Natalya the chance to slap on a classic sharpshoter for the win.

Next up was Drew McIntyre vs Finlay. Finlay started this with a good old fashioned pulling of the nose followed by an elbow to it. Then a few closelines, and chops. McIntyre did get a large kick in that tossed Finlay out of the ring. McIntyre then started to work on the upper arm of Finlay by stomping on it before using a wrist lock. The match got thrown out as a double dq

Dolph Ziggler went up against John Morrison for the Intercontinental championship. Morrison was going for a leg sweep, but Ziggler used a thumb to the eye then started to kick Morrison in the skull. Morrison turned it around with an irish whip then a standing leg scissors for a near fall. Ziggler tripped him just as he was going for a top rope move, causing Morrison to land badly. Ziggler went for a near fall with a simple roll up, before working on the stomach of Morrison. Ziggler turned this to a mat match, with a semi-bear hug in the middle of the ring, before Morrison kicked out. Morrison then went for a flying leg kick but caught himself in the corner flipping himself hard on his shoulder. Another near fall for Ziggler. Ziggler then continued to work on the neck and shoulder of Morrison. He then decided to use a waist lock version of the rear naked choke. Morrison powered out for a few minutes bringing them both back to a standing position for a series of punches. Morrison then used one of his corkscrew leg drops, but it wasn't enough. Morrison used a paylay hand stand to knock Ziggler off his feet for a near fall. Morrison had to resort to a second rope springboard to get a flying chop on Ziggler but it was only a near fall. Both men went to the top rope and fell off to land hard on the guard rail, both were counted out. Morrison was holding his throat and neck, looking as if he suffered a severe neck injury.

Beth Phonex vs Lisa Taylor in a second diva's match of the night. Phonex went straight for a choke and series of forearms to Taylor's neck keeping her down on the mat. Then picked her up and gave her a shoulder breaker before putting her in a tree of woo then slamming her on her back. Finishing her off with a grandslam. The quickest match of the night.

Chris Jericho vs Undertaker in the final match of the night. Undertaker had Jericho in the corner with a series of chops, before he tossed him back first out of the ring. Undertaker got a few more punches in before tossing him back into the ring then landed one of his leg drops on the ring apron. Jericho managed to crawl to the center of the ring before Undertaker slapped a wrist lock on him, turning it into a short arm shoulder slam. Jericho fell to the mat where upon Undertaker got a near fall. Undertaker went back to working on the shoulder of Jericho. Then climbed to the top rope, but this gave Jericho the upper hand as he turned it into a suplex. Both men were down holding their backs. Jericho then got a few forearms on Undertaker. Backing him into the corner using his legs to pin him there. Then got a double kick from the middle rope on Undertaker and a near fall. Jericho tried a choke hold, but Undertaker broke out. It looked at one point like Jericho had Undertaker dazed as they fought outside the ring. He continued to have the upperhand once they got back into the ring, not letting Undertaker get to a standing position for the next few minutes. But Undertaker did flip it around with a few punches, before another drop kick from Jericho knocked Undertaker once more to his back. They went back and forth with kicks for another few minutes before Undertaker made a running leap at Jericho in the corner. Jericho moved out of the way, causing Undertaker to tangle himself. Jericho slapped the code breaker on in the middle of the ring, for a near fall. Undertaker went for a tombstone but Jericho countered and put on the walls of Jericho, but countered with the hell's gates for the win.
The match was over, but Big Show came out to add damage, then Kane came out to even up a few or so it was then announced next week tag team main event.

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  1. thanks looks good :) And Big Show really needs to but out and stand up to Jericho and his God complex!