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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

RAW--Monday November 2, 2009

Monday November 2, 2009-- On tonight's episode of Raw the guest host was none other than Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne. The Miz came out and interrupted Ozzy and Sharon. Looking cocky as ever. He gets in a discussion with Sharon over the really phrase. Out comes Legacy. To tease Miz for complaining about a count out from the previous week. To which they want to explain about Kofi Kingston's actions from last week. They want retribution and a match against Kofi Kingston via a handicap match. To which the Big Show comes out. Big Show demands an apology for being abused by all the wrestlers last week. Poor baby and lookie here comes DX, DX is out here to make Ozzy feels safe and promo Ozzy's book and DX's book.

The Miz cries about how it's a serious situation. Sharon has issued a match where Randy Orton will face off with Kofi Kingston. Big Show has decided he doesn't want an apology. Tonight there will be a triple threat match John Cena, Chris Jericho, and The Big Show. All matches are final.

Next they recapped the match where the Miz got tapped out. The Miz has a championship match against Evan Bourne. If he looses Evan Bourne will become the new champion of the United States Title. The Miz dominates the match. Evan Bourne sent The Miz out of the ring. The winner of the match was The Miz.

Next they show Josh Matthews interviewing Shamus the Celtic Warrior and what he will do to impress the guest hosts. He comes back with Ozzy's career should have ended long ago. And by the end of tonight Jamie Noble's career will be over. People don't know if Shamus is the real deal. He's very erie. Shamus is quick to start his beat down on Jamie Noble. Shamus is turning Jamie Noble into a pancake. The ref called match. Which unfortunatly doesn't end Shamus's damage on Jamie Noble. He's still out to destroy him. EMT's come to collect Jamie Noble. Shamus is an animal. Shamus seems quite pleased with his victory over Noble. You can hear the refs telling Shamus to get outta there.

Next you see the back story of Randy Orton and Kofi Kingston. Kofi Kingston is on his way to ring and gets a interview with Josh Matthews and Kofi tells Josh he hasn't only lost the title probably has lost any title shot at all. He left the mirror alone so Orton can look in the mirror and see why he's not longer the wwe champion.

Randy Orton versus Kofi Kingston. Kofi Kingston delivered some well deserved blows to Orton. Orton is quick to regain power of the mtch. Kofi Kingston sent Orton outside the ring. And Orton gets resent out into the ring by Kingston landing on top of Legacy. Now the match is turned into a 6 man match legacy and orton vs Kofi Kingston, Mark Henry, and MVP. Should prove to be very interesting to say the least. Team Kofi seems to be dominating the match. Until DiBiase was able to tag in Rhodes. Who kicked MVP in the face. MVP getting severe abuse via Legacy. MVP finally able to make the tag to Mark Henry. The winner was team Kofi Kingston with a pinfall by Mark Henry.

Sharon and Ozzy's RAW has talent. Three supstars are gonna come out and show their talent. The special guest judge is the Great Khali. San tino Marella impresenating Ozzy Osburne. He lost. Next up is Chris Masters performing crazy train. Chris Masters flexes his muscles to crazy train. And Last is Chauvo Guerroro and Gillian Hall. Out comes out their son Jack Swaggle.

Next up a battle royal for the Diva's to see who's up next for a title shot for the Diva's championship. They will get a wrestling match with Melina. And out comes Jack Swagger watching the Diva Action. The winner was Alicia Cox.

There has been a Jamie Noble update, Jamie has suffered severe back and neck injuries we will update you on this next week.

Chris Jericho interrupts Ozzy and Sharon. Not showing Jericho any consideration. Because he's the best in the world. He idolized Ozzy and did everything and realized it didn't matter what he did. He's better than all of it.

Next you see DX arguing with Hornswaggle. about the lawsuit. They hanged him. John Cena was quick to rescue Hornswaggle saying you can never a hang a leprecaune. Then DX proceeds to pick on John Cena.

John Cena vs The Big Show vs Chris Jericho, DX is sitting ring side. John Cena doing his best to stay on top of the opponents. Which doesn't always work. Big Show pulled John Cena out of the ring. Big Show starts arguing with Jericho about how to beat John Cena. John Cena is being beat badly but Jericho and Big Show. I think in this match the probability that Cena would win is highly unlikely. John Cena is out and Jericho gets the pin. What is happeneing with John Cena doesn't look good a double submission move. To which DX comes out fighting and gets knocked out.


  1. I actually broke my no WWE rule just to see Ozzy. I watched the first 20 minutes with Ozzy and Sharon... and well, that was a waste of my time. What a joke Ozzy has become. Sad really.

  2. yes he is even when he had his show idk if it's still on but yea I agree he's becoming a joke.