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Friday, November 13, 2009

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for Nov 12th 2009

Originally posted on my blog Andrew and the Aluminumsidings on Nov 13th 2009

We open with Super Dave and Foley talking about him hosting the show.... um er isn't the other company doing the whole "guest host gimmick"?

Jay Lethal come close to your computer screen, closer closer stop you will get eye strain... close enough, Now please please please I am begging you please Jay Lethal stop it! You have been doing that gimmick for almost 3 years. Please just be Jay Lethal. I am begging. Please drop the gimmick.
Jay Lethal had his first Legends match vs the Anvil Neidhart. Everyone who knows me, knows that the Hart Foundation was my ultimate favourite tag team growing up, so seeing the Anvil come out to the ring caused a small yelp of joy from me. The Anvil started the match off with heavy forearms and a huge overhead toss, before Lethal turned it around with a double axehandle off the top rope. Lethal did get a near fall at one point, but the Anvil got the pin with a power slam.

Dr. Stevie vs Abyss with Foley on the mic. Abyss got 2 near falls withing the first 40 seconds. It went back and forth the whole match with each getting super quick near falls, and Stevie working on Abyss' knee. Abyss slapped a black hole slam on Stevie just as the lights went out and when they came back on, both men were down. Stevie managed to crawl over and get the pin. This saved his career in the company just after Foley finished saying Stevie was never meant to have a long term contract.
Foley then got into the ring, with a chair lights out again and RAVEN RAVEN RAVEN was in the ring. (doing my little happy dance)
Was Raven biting JB's ear? lucky JB

I have stated since the beginning I don't watch the women's matches, but I left it running while I got a coffee and heard the ending of Traci 's match and it seems she got her arm injured. I have to say, it looked slightly red but not dislocated or anything. If this was a honest break I have to say I hope she has a quick recovery. (I've had more then enough broken bones to know it's not fun)

JB was then put in charge of making an X-Division match. you know JB, if you ever want to do that full time and need someone to cover your interviews this blogger would be more then happy.... Where upon he brought half the X-Division into the office and Chris Sabin got the line of the night when he said "Touch my hand".... I am not sure I want to know where his hands were before that promo.

Speaking of promos, Wolfe's was beauty. Totally brilliant. Have I mentioned yet today that I am liking this Wolfe

Team 3D and Rhino....what the hoofers? And calling out Hernandez and Matt Morgan the evil druid...what's the plotline and where did I loose track of things? Then the Pope came out in a new suit oh does that mean someone in the X-Division snagged the spiffy trenchcoat for me and mailed it off ?

World Elite's Eric Young and British Invasion cut a spiffy promo, where once again Brutus Magnus was doing his Backstreet Boy impression. He's hot admit it so is Eric Young . Did you hear the scorch Young had to say, and you all know I agree with almost everything that has come out of Eric Young's mouth. (waves my maple leaves around wildly)
British Invasion vs Beer Money Inc. in a non title match. anyone else notice how nice Roode's eyes are no just me then. Anyways, Roode and Doug Willams started off the match, with Roode tossing Williams out of the ring. There was a count of 6 before Williams got back into the ring. Storm then tagged in, using a lovely arm bar on Williams. Then Brutus had to control the third member of their team from causing a dq, there seemed to be more out of ring drama then in ring work happening in this match. When they pointed the camera back to the ring, Roode was back in and the British Invasion were double teaming him. Roode then did a double move off the top rope which I am going to call the Canadian Exchange cause it sounds cool James Storm then tagged in and used a bulldog before Beer Money Inc double teamed the British Invasion. Storm got a near fall, who's the legal men? Storm got the pin with a DWI.

Samoa Joe vs A.J. Styles in a non title match. Joe started this off by running in and out of the ring, having Styles half worn out. Nice move. Then Styles landed one of his drop kicks right in Joe's mouth. Damn. Joe then turned it back around slamming his hip into Styles' face, before slapping on an STF on Styles. Styles broke the move with a rope grab. Joe then turned to simple punches. He got a near fall after using a closeline. A.J. went for the Styles Clash but was tossed with a back body drop landing hard. Daniels then ran out and caused enough of a distraction that Joe got the rear naked choke on Styles for the win.

And the MotorCityMachine Guns! in a 6 man match. They were teamed with Amazing Red, and it had me tossed for a few cause they came out to Red's theme, wearing another strange set of bad pants. Mr. Shelley, Mr. Sabin who is your designer? (maybe if I tell you two boys I love the tights you will wear something else and if I tell you I love your hair Chris maybe you will cut it, cause nagging hasn't gotten me anywhere with you two) They went against World Elite. Homicide and Shelley started off as the two legal men in the ring, with Homicide having the advantage. The crowd is learning as they were chanting MotorCity. Bashir tagged in, slamming Alex into the turnbuckle. Shelley then got chopped in the throat is he okay he seems to be getting hurt alot as of late. Sabin ran in for a quick save kicking Kyoshi. Kyoshi then nearly ripped Shelley's ear off. Jesus freal Homicide tried to bring in the barbed wire bat but was handled by security. Bashir tagged in, double teaming Shelley, but Shelley managed to fight it out, slamming Bashir into the second turnbuckle. Amazing Red tagged in and used a series of spin kicks to even the match out some. Red then used one of his perfect DDTS before tossing himself out of the ring with a twisting corkscrew. Chris Sabin then jumped into the ring, with a few kicks to Bashir. Shelley tagged in again, going for a top rope move holding his back. Shelley used a cross body splash to get the pin.

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  1. sounds like a decent show. Too bad I missed it. I still enjoy TNA.