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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My Raw Results--Monday November 17, 2009

My Raw Results
Originally posted on my blog WWE Girl

My Raw Results Monday November 17, 2009--Tonight Raw came from Madison Square Garden New York. The guest host for this event was Roddy Piper. We open up looking at Piper's Pit, and how he's back and in the pit. He was seen talking to Luis Guzman. Listing of movies he's been in. From there Piper wanted to bring out the Iron Chef Bobby Flay instead we see the Iron Sheik. Who talks about what a legend he was. Then they announce in a Saturday Night Live type Tonight we have live Monday Night Raw.

Where they cut into new music by Nickelback. Not a bad song, don't know that I would've used it for Raw but it sort of works. I think it will take viewers a bit to adjust to. To where the announcers talk about the tag team match tonight, between Big Show, Chris Jericho, John Cena, Undertaker and DX will perform.

The first match was for the United States Championship. The Miz comes out talking about champions and mentions the New York Yankees. And that they didn't earn the title. That they bought it. The crowd starts cheering Let's go Yankees. And he claims he's so important and how he earned his title. He is in a match tonight. The Miz versus MVP. The bell is rung, Miz is quick to dominate MVP. Not giving him much of a chance to recover. MVP finally able to get a upper hand until Miz crawled out the of the ring, which MVP was quick to drag him back in. Miz is dominating MVP. The Miz quick to put a submission hold on MVP doesn't keep him down. He's quick to add some pain to The Miz. The Miz is in trouble. The Miz able to counter with a skull crushing finale. The Miz regains his title.

Tonight will be the Women's Championship. Melina versus Alicia Fox.

Next they show Chavo Guerrero in the ring waiting to fight Santino. Who hasn't been seen in a fight in quite some time. Chavo waits while Santion takes off his many jerseys' of various New York teams endin g with The New York Yankees. Almost upsetting the crowd with a shirt that The Phillies. Chavo begins the match quick to destroy Santino. As Chavo gets on the top rope to jump on Santino, Santino keeps rolling away. And in comes Hornswaggle in DX gear to distract Chavo. To which Santino was able to get a pinfall on Chavo. Santino basks in his glory.

Next out comes Degeneration X. The audience is explosive with DX glowsticks. You can barely even hear their theme song it is so loud with the audience. Triple H talks about how this is the biggest arena in the world Madison Square Garden. Shawn promotes their books. And he threw the book out the audience. Caught by a member of the view. They start talking about their match on Sunday. Triple H living up his not to smart approach. Then they move on Hornswaggle. They talk about how Hornswagle is wearing things he didn't pay for. They called Hornswaggle out by offering him a membership to DX, maybe? Hornswaggle is heading out and jumping around the ring. Triple H tellls him to calm down and stop it. Triple H pedigrees Hornswaggle. They pull out their little stretcher board and collect Hornswaggle.

They recapped their history with Madison Square Garden. Kane was first uncovered in Madison Square Garden. Showing new and older wrestlers, like ones who are no longer with the company. It was a very cool tribute. And again they recap on the tag team match later tonight. Then they go to Piper who's being talked to by Jericho. Jericho is quick to insult Piper, but in reality Piper looks like he could care less. He brings out Chris Masters to talk to Chris Jericho and do his chest dance.

Next up is the Diva's championship. The ring anouncer is Judah Free Lander. He is apparently a big fan of WWE. Melina makes her way down the the ring. Now Alicia Fox is making her way out to the ring. He announced that the match will be a Diva's Championship lumberjack match. All the Divas circle the ring. Alicia Fox looks less than thrilled. Alicia gets sent out of the ring and is quick to get back in. Melina gets knocked out and Raw Diva's try to get her back in quickly. As Smackdown Divas are quick to beat on her. Melina is quick to dominate the match.. Alicia Fox trys to best the Diva Champion. Melina pins Alicia Fox to which Michelle McCool and company start beating up the other Divas. Team Mickie was able to send the other team running away.

Up next with be Rowdy Roddy Piper in the ring. WWE Hall of Famer Roddy Piper. He talks about how everytime he goes to the garden he gets a standing ovation. He talks about his career how he was not so nice. He talks about all the people who have been in Madison Square Garden. What he wants now is a match with Vincent Kennedy McMahon. He calls out McMahon who picks on how age hasn't sat well with Piper. Piper challenges McMahon to a match. McMahon claims he's retired from wrestling. McMahon calls Piper Father Time.

Next week will be Raw Thanksgiving a 3 hour event with special guest host Jesse Ventura. Should be an interesting show to say the least.

Coming out to the ring now is Sheamus, who now has under his belt destroying Jamie Noble's wrestling career. He comes out and challenges anyone to take him on, if they are brave enough. When no one comes out he goes to give the mic back but gets in an altercation with a announcer person inflicting unknown pain on him. When he's questioned by Lawler as to his actions he kicks Lawler in the skull before leaving. Medics attend to Lawler and the announcer, who are taken out back. And a substitute announcer is brought out to cover for Lawler.

Sheamus has proven he's a total and complete Heal if there ever was one. All he has in his corner is blood shed.

Next they recap what happened before hand. Matt Striker from Smackdown helps Michael Cole with the rest of the show, as the King is out back getting medical attention. Next they recap all the matches going into Survivor Series. Which should prove to be a very interesting pay-per-view.

Next up is Evan Bourne versus Jack Swagger. Jack Swagger looking for retribution from last weeks match against Evan Bourne. Jack Swagger quick to dominate the match. Putting a submission hold on Evan Bourne. Evan Bourne trying his best to beat down the All American American. Swagger wins the match with a gutwrenching power bomb.

Up next is Pipper to battle McMahon. even McMahon claimed he retired. Will he show up? Instead he gets Randy Orton. Orton stares down Piper. He wants to put Piper down. Orton begins the assault on Piper. He misses being able to kick him as Kofi Kingston comes out to unleash alot of pain on Orton. Orton tries to leave and Kingston isn't having any of it. Kingston ends up fighting with Orton all over the arena. Kingston proving he's far from afraid of Orton or Legacy. Orton able to cause some pain to Kingston. Orton getting ready for a kick to the head which Kingston quickly uses it to attack Orton. This attack has proved to be insane to say the least. Kingston causes world of hurt to Orton.

Next up is the tag team match. In the match it is three men in the ring at a time. There was alot of tagging in of various partners, not always to the pleasure of the other partner. In the end the Champions won, then Undertaker turned on Cena and gave him a tombstone.


  1. And you said next week's is a 3hour special?

  2. yes three hours and it will have Jesse Vantura as GM

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