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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Smackdown October 30, 2009

Smackdown October 30, 2009-- First they recapped the situation between Rey Mysterio and Batista. Wonder how this will play out.

Out comes Teddy Long, with alot of confidence on his face. Big smiles after winning Bragging Rights. Matt Striker has joined the crew of Smackdown to replace the ill Jim Ross. Teddy Long is going on and on about how great Smackdown, and leading into Batista and Rey Mysterio feud. Later on Batista and Rey Mysterio will be having a heart to heart about what is going on with them. Teddy Long also stated that the match at Survivor Series would be Undertaker versus Big Show to which Jericho's music started to play.

Chris Jericho who can't seem to part with his championship trophy. Can this fighter get anymore metals, trophies and such? To which Tedd Long strips him of the trophy since it is Smackdown property. Which he's admit it's his. Chris is doing a little ego trip how he won the smackdown bragging rights, cause he's the best. God I feel like it's the same song with him every week depending what show it's on. He's all crying about how dare Teddy give his title shot to the Big Show and not him. To which Kane came out.

Kane is less then amused. He's not too happy with the fact that Jericho won the match single handily. He wants a title shot at Survivor Series. He reminds Kane who got the pin fall. And that his matches against Undertaker is shotty at best. And that Jericho is the hero of Smackdown. Kane grabs Jericho by the throat. Teddy Long interferes. He's decided that there will be a triple threat match against Kane. Kane will fight against Jericho tonight to see who gets to go to Survivor Series.

Next out was John Morrison versus Dolph Ziggler. Dolph Ziggler has been doing everything he can to get this title. Dolph picks on the fact Morrison for not winning his match at Bragging Rights. Morrison reminded him that Ziggler wasn't in a match at Bragging Rights. The bell gets rung and the match begins. Alot of action between these two fighters. The winner of the match was Dolph Ziggler due to a count out.

Next they show Vince McMahon talking to Teddy Long about coming of the probation. In comes CM Punk saying he doesn't deserve to have a smile on his face. CM Punk was given a match against Scott Armstrong the referee. This pleased CM Punk.

Beth Phoenix against Jenny Brooks. Beth Phoenix throws Jenny around the ring. She's very tiny looking Jenny Brooks. Beth Phoenix seems to be acting a little insane with the freaky looks on her face. She dominates the match against Jenny. The winner of this match was Beth Pheonix.

Cryme Tyme will be presenting a Diva Halloween Costume Contest later on tonight. Also tonight Rey Mysterio will ask Batista for an explanation.

Next out was Vicki Guerroro, looking as wonderful as ever. She introduced her boyfriend Eric Escobar. Eric Escobar versus Matt Hardy. Looks like Matt Hardy has damaged his knee due to the fight. Eric Escobar attacking the injured knee. Matt Hardy won that match ticking off Vicki. Matt Hardy limped away from the ring.

Next they recap the Batista and Rey Mysterio issues from bragging Rights. Out comes Rey Mysterio pacing in the ring with a microphone. Rey was beat down so badly from Batista which caused emotional pain not just physical. Ever since Sunday he's been trying to figure out what was going on with Batista. He owes him the benefit of the doubt. He's calling out Batista. Out comes Batista's music. Batista comes out with lack of emotion on his face. Makes you wonder what he really is thinking. Batista just gave Rey one opportunity to walk out of Batista's ring. Which Rey doesn't do. Rey wants to straighten it out. Batista assumes that Rey is only upset his body guard is gone what's he gonna do. Rey didn't realize the fatal four way was going to interfere with their friendship. Batista gives him one last chance to walk away. Rey is filled with a lot emotion. You can tell.

Out back Matt Hardy tries to talk to Batista. Batista laughs at Matt Hardy. Batista beats up Matt Hardy outback. Telling him to shut up.

Drew McIntyre versus Finlay. Drew attacks before he can even get in the ring. He just keeps beating up Finlay. Drew MacIntyre wins with a No Contest. Finlay is beaten badly outside the ring and the match never started.

Next out was Cryme Tyme. Cryme Tyme is introducing the women and allowing the audience to vote on them. First out was Natalya. She was a bull fighter. Next was the queen of pop Layla. Next was Michelle McCool as a devil (very fitting if I do say so myself) and last was Ms Electra Herself Mickie James. Now it's up to the audience to vote. For Miss Smackdown Halloween 2009. And by the sound of the audience it's Mickie James. Diva's have turned on each other beating one another up.

CM Punk versus Scott Armstrong. Scott Armstrong looks less then thrilled by battling the straight edge. CM Punk is acting like a rabid dog. Scott just punched CM Punk. CM Punk put Scott Armstrong to sleep.

Kane versus Chris Jericho for a title shot in a three way match at Survivor Series. Chris looks very scared going into this match. The bell is rung. And Chicken Chris ran out of the ring. Chris slaps Kane. Chris starts his abuse on Kane. Kane fights back. Chris tries to put in the walls of Jericho and gets kicked for his efforts. Chris Jericho gets the walls of Jericho. The winner of this match is Chris Jericho and he's headed to survivor series.

Next week the match will be Batista versus Matt Hardy it will be an interesting match to say the least. Sorry about the late review PC issues caused me to be slow with it.

Stay tuned on Friday for an all new Smackdown!

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