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Monday, November 23, 2009

Survivor Series Sunday November 22, 2009

Survivor Series was an incredible show to watch. First up was Team Miz versus Team Morrison. Unfortunately for Team Morrison Team Miz was very much on top of their game. Team Miz won with Sheamus, The Miz, and Drew McIntyre standing tall. Winner: Team Miz

Evan Bourne def. Dolph Ziggler by pinfall
Drew McIntyre def. Evan Bourne by pinfall
Sheamus def. Finlay by pinfall
John Morrison def. Jack Swagger by pinfall
The Miz def. Shelton Benjamin by pinfall
Drew McIntyre def. Matt Hardy by pinfall
Sheamus def. John Morrison by pinfall
Next up was Smackdown's Batista battling Rey Mysterio. Batista went nuts on Mysterio. Delivering three power bombs to end the match and then a last on on a steel chair. Mysterio was carried out of the match on a stretcher with a neck brace on. Winner: Batista

Next was Team Kingston versus Team Orton which proved to be an insane match with lots of anger towards Orton. In the end Kofi reigned supreme and was able to knock out Orton for the pinfall. Winner: Team Kingston
Randy Orton def.>Mark Henry by pinfall
CM Punk def. R-Truth by pinfall
Christian def. Ted DiBiase by pinfall
MVP def. William Regal by pinfall
Cody Rhodes def. MVP by pinfall
ECW Champion Christian def. Cody Rhodes by pinfall
Randy Orton def. ECW Champion Christian by pinfall
Kofi Kingston def. CM Punk by pinfall
Kofi Kingston def. Randy Orton by pinfall

Next up was the Undertaker versus Chris Jericho versus Big Show. Talk about an insane match watching the tag team go after each other once they spent countless amounts of time beating on the Undertaker. In the end the Undertaker would take home his title again. Winner: Undertaker.

Next was the Team Mickie James versus Team Michelle McCool. Mickie James team proved to be pretty successful in the end with Melina delivering all sorts of pain to Michelle McCool. Winner: Team Mickie James

Kelly Kelly def. Layla by pinfall
Michelle McCool def. Gail Kim by pinfall
Eve defeated Gillian Hall by pinfall
Beth Pheonix def. Eve by pinfall
Beth Pheonix def. Kelly Kelly by pinfall
Mickie def. Beth Phoenix by pinfall
Mickie James def. Alicia by pinfall
Melina def. Michelle McCool by pinfall The Last Match of the Night
John Cena versus Triple H versus Shawn Michaels. Shawn Michaels started out giving Triple H some sweet chin music. Which knocked Triple H out of the ring. Then he went after Cena which proved to be an interesting match. When Triple H came to he gave Shawn Michaels a pedigree on the announcers table. They went back and forth. In the end Triple H had been given about four sweet chin musics and Cena had gotten one. The winner was John Cena able to capitolize on the last sweet chin music delivered to Triple H.