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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Smackdown results 9/11/09

We opened with the Undertaker wearing too much self tanner. What happened to the pale look?
CM Punk came out to rebuff, seems he got his roots touched up. I think Punk is right on with his promos, breaking down the barriers of reality of the wrestling world.

Match #1 Finlay vs Mike Knox in a Belfest Brawl. This is just a basic street fight with a nicer name. I like Knox, like the psychology theme. He just needs a haircut and shave. Anyone else feel wwe has the ugliest front row? Trash cans, tables and steel chairs, how boring.
Knox had two near falls but Finlay got the win.

David Hart Smith came out with a lovely intro for a set up to have Kane beat up Khali.

Match #2 Big Show/Jericho vs Cryme Tyme. Why the hell do we need to see JTG dry humping the ropes? Pull you damn pants up. Jericho got the pin

Match#3 Charlie Haas vs John Morrison. Can we say Clinic? Beautiful arm submission by Haas early on. Haas is a great tech wrestler why on earth is he just a jobber? Morriosn won.
So when is he going to start singing ?

Match #4 Melina vs Layla.
Layla is so slow in the ring she throws the timing off for her opponient, makes them look bad in matches. Layla won by having outside interference.

Match #5 CM Punk vs Matt Hardy.
Hardy used submission moves for most of it. Punk turned it around with a submission of his own. This match dragged on for my taste. So not a Hardy fan. He slapped a figure four leg lock on Punk and the two of them rolled around on the mat for a few minutes each having the worse end of the lock before Punk broke out of it.
Punk won with his anaconda vice.

So I watched this at mom's, (so without Mom there would be no review at all) mostly with the sound down, which is good considering I hate listening to JR's voice. They really need to toss Matt Hardy out of the damn place, let him have a behind the scenes desk job or something cause he's old and boring.

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