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Friday, September 4, 2009

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for Sept 3 2009

Originally posted on Andrew and the Aluminumsidings on Sept 4 2009

I had to go hunting again for it this morning.

It seems we opened the show with one of the qualifying matches for the up coming ppv. Rhino vs Sting. The announce team was saying Rhino demanded this chance, the match looked more like a jobber match then anything else. Sting won. Rhino pulled out two after match gores. So he's going Heel, where is this leading?

Eric Young, why on earth would you want to live the "american dream" ? You're Canadian.

Daniels....a grown man in nail his promo was bang on though.

Doug Williams vs Suicide. I love that the X-Division was spotlighted this week in these qualifying matches. Glad to see the X-Division getting the push it deserves. This was a really good match. Yes I have said hundreds of times I don't like the "suicide gimmick" so unmask him already and let the wrestler under it just wrestle. The Pope came down to the ring to disrupt the match. Williams got the pin.
He then went on to the second round against AJ Styles. I loved the fact they were taking these qualifying rounds serious enough to not have outside gimmicks going on, and let the wrestlers actually wrestle. Styles won this round.

Hey another TNA WISH LIST addition VAMPIRO bring VAMPIRO in to the show.
I'll have to do another full wish list. I think it would be fabulous if he came to TNA

JB being the smart one in the conversation.... when that happen?

Homicide vs Hernadez in a qualifying match. This was a nice match, quick with Hernadez winning.
Hernadez went on to the second round vs Sting. The win went to Sting via a dq. Okay I spoke too soon on the no run ins and riots. Eric Young and World Elite ran in for a beat down. Styles, and Beer Money Inc came in for a small rescue.

Whoever uploaded this to the internet had a bunch of those little web interviews.....I hate those.

AJ Styles promo...that outfit, you on your way to a disco?

And the MotorCityMachine Guns! Chris Sabin had a qualifying match vs A.J. Styles. Alex Shelley was on the mic. There is no sound sweeter. (Sabin came to the ring in the bad Kiss concert pants, and Shelley had ripped jeans. I swear I have ranted about the pants before) and that is about as far as I was able to pay attention, I was distracted by Alex Shelley and was laughing. Have I mentioned today how much I adore him. Sabin was looking very much like he was going to rock the roof off the place (I was watching More Bad News Heavy Metal Nightmare the other day.) with a beauty of a counter for the Styles Clash. The second one got him. Damn it. It was so good to see Sabin in a match like this though, reminds me of the stuff from the first year the show was on air. As always Chris and Alex were Fabulous.


  1. I'm pretty sure Suicide is Kaz. That's why he keeps adjusting his mask because he's still used to pushing his hair out of the way.

  2. I thought that too in the beginning, a year ago, but there are moves he does like the double kick that was Senshi's trademark. Wondering if it's Senshi

  3. Yeah, could be. Maybe they switch them both back and forth to fool us.

  4. I know Daniels did it for like a month back around May, as there was reports of Kaz being injured. So hard to say who it is now