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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Smackdown Results 9/25/09 "Highlights"

John Morrison/Finlay vs Mike Knox/Dolph Ziggler. Morrison got the win

Slam Master J vs Kane. Kane won

Big Show vs Batista. Batista won because of a DQ

JTG vs David Hart Smith. Smith won

CM Punk vs Undertaker. Punk won because of a count out

We love CM Punk, but it's time for him to stop reminding us about how straight edge he is. It's getting tired. Much like the way he's looking as of late with that hair.

Slam Master J needs to dress like a human being and drop the street ego. It's just silly.

Batista needs to just quit already and do something else. I hear golf is fun for old guys.


  1. I dun get it-- whats wrong with Punk's hair? =p

  2. It's flat and ends up looking greasy by the end of his matches.
    And it's long! Men look so much better with short hair or bald.