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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Raw Results for Sept 14 2009

Since we got a few comments asking where the review this week was.....

Show was in Toronto Canada.
Batista came out in an armbrace, He was always a crap wrestler anyway, so he quit.
Moving on to something of interest.... wait this is Raw there is nothing of interest....
Randy Orton was sexy as always, he needs to just stand there and look good, stop giving him the mic.
Damn, Batista was faking it, he's just jumping shows to Smackdown.

Trish Stratus hosted as a brunette none the less. A woman only changes her hair back to it's normal colour for two reasons, 1) Career change, 2)Pregnant.
She was way too skinny, so must be a new career.

Match 1 * Kofi Kingston/Primo vs Jack Swagger/Miz. I couldn't watch this. Miz looks like my ex boyfriend and I just wanted to punch the tv.
Swagger won.

Match 2* Divas match. Gail Kim vs Alicia Fox.
Fox won.
Just when did Gail Kim become a jobber anyway?

Match 3* Ted Debiasi vs HBK.
DQ because of Rhodes

Match 4* Hornswaggle/Evan Bourne vs Chavo/Carlito.
Hornswaggle got the win

Match 5* Trish Stratus/MVP vs Jericho/Beth Pheniox.
DQ because of Big Show.
Mark Henry came out and turned it into a 6 man tag.
Trish got the pin for the win.

Match6* Orton vs Batista.
Batista won as it is his last match on Raw.

The best part of the show was the commercial for the new movie ZombieLand.


  1. ya fuck raw. Unwatchable really.. I saw the preview for Zombieland when I saw District 9 this week. Man Zland looks good.