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Friday, August 28, 2009

Game Room

We can take a big sigh of relief it would seem for those of us who were afraid our second chance at a TNA video game would be lost.
I have read online in the fan forums that a new gaming company has picked up the rights to the unproduced second TNA game.

Does anyone else find that no matter what wrestler you use for the Ultimate X match on the TNA Impact PS2 that Chris Sabin always wins ? Try it, and let me know if it's just us.
The only time any of us here at the office have won that part of the game is when using the Chris Sabin character.

Resistance is futile


  1. You mean you win. You hog the Chris Sabin.

  2. Yep. HA-HA! Have to wonder if they ever play the game themselves and if so do they use their own character?
    Might as well go for the off colour dirty joke and say do they play with themselves ?