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Friday, August 28, 2009

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for Aug 27 2009

Originally posted on Andrew and the Aluminumsidings on Aug 28th 2009

I used screen captures for this post

I love you iTunes Canada you had it for download this morning.

We open with Suicide vs Samoa Joe in a non-title X-Division match. Daniels joined the announce team on mic, and I have to say, I would rather watch Daniels in the ring then listen to him. Please do not make it a habit. Then the Pope came down to the ring. Um... last week duder you had that wicked trenchcoat, this week ....did you get dressed in the dark or something what up with that? Small riot broke out and a double dq.
This then turned into a tag team match of Pope/Joe vs Daniels/Suicide. Suicide got the pin.

Who ordered the extreme close up? Oh it was Eric Young. Nice. Looking good, like the bald look (yummy...wait said that the other week didn't I?)

Bashir's right you know. And the live audience, you realize just how bad you made yourself look... let me walk you through it. He asked you all who is responsible for all those senseless deaths and you chant "usa". Chew on that tasty afterthought for a moment.

The promo package for the evil druid Matt Morgan was too long.
So no cookies this week for the editing crew. None.
He had a tag team match with Steiner/Booker vs A.J. Styles/Hernandez/Sting. Styles won.

Rhino vs Jessie Neal... dude shave it off and start over cause I am serious when I say icky. That hair do makes Cody Deaner's mullet look good. And Rhino was spitting and sweating all over the camera. Rhino won. Of course. Then the ref reversed it after a wicked gore. Dude ? That's just farbots.

Abyss with the groceries...I love it. Too cute. Way too cute.

JB getting beat up by a girl Ha-Ha!

Dixie Carter the company head told the viewing audience about the extension of the show's contract.

And the MotorCityMachine Guns! I am laughing my frealing ass off and, that is no small chore. They went against Abyss in a handicap match, wearing the bad kiss concert pants again. (does no one listen to me ?) With Dr. Stevie in pink scrubs. What happened this week, did everyone do their laundry together cause there was a lot of pink in the show. The audience for once said something right, an alternate chant of "Hail Sabin" and "MotorCity". (okay I will put the live audience voodoo dolls away now) Sabin flying like a dart at Shelley to get Abyss off his feet outside the ring, nice. (Why do I suddenly have the song Tweeter and the Monkey Man -Headstones version- stuck in my head?) That pile up near fall, I think I was jealous of Abyss for a half second. Oh my...that shock treatment -leg drop...are the Guns okay? Abyss won with a black hole slam on Sabin. Beauty the beat down on Dr. Stevie by the Guns. Lovely.

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