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Friday, August 28, 2009

Smackdown Results 8/28/09

We open with what has become the standard for the show last few months, CMPunk talking about his last match against Jeff Hardy. Then Hardy came out to counter him.

First match was a tag team with John Morrison/Matt Hardy vs the Hart Dynasty. Morrison got the pin with his Starship Pain.

Second match wasn't much of a match. Drew McIntyre vs R-truth. McIntyre jumped R-Truth and knocked him out cold.

Third of the night was a Divas match between Layla and Melina. Melina got the pin.

Fourth of the night was Rey Mysterio vs Kane. Kahli interferred and that was that.

Fifth of the night was Jericho vs Shad. This was all Shad until Big Show and JTG both got involved, turning this into a tag team match. Big Show won.

The main event was CMPunk vs Jeff Hardy in a steel cage match. Looser leaves the company. Punk won. Hardy has to leave WWE.

I have to say, I really love the way John Morrison can do all those standing moonsaults. He's the next big thing, what the company needs to promote more.
And finally, No more Jeff Hardy.


  1. As we all know. No more Jeff Hardy... for now. They're not fooling anyone.