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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Smackdown Results : 8/7/09

It's late this week yes I know. I had to catch the replay.

Match #1 John Morrison vs Tyson Kidd. Midway the Hart Dynasty pulled a triple team on Morrison, tossing him out to the floor. Kidd had a wicked looking head lock on him, for a good part of the match. Morrison turned it around and had a near fall with his standing moonsault. He ended up getting the win with his Starship Pain.

Match #2- Charlie Haas vs Slam Master J (Jessie). SMJ had the crowd cheering for him as he came to the ring. This was a filler match in which SMJ used a large frogsplash to win.

Match #3 -A 4 man corners match for number one contender to Mysterio's belt. The men were Finlay, R-Truth, Mike Knox and Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler got the win over Finlay.

Match #4- Jericho vs JTG. JTG had a few near falls at the beginning of the match but Jericho used the ropes. In the end JTG got the win with a roll up.

Match #5- Great Khali vs Ricky Ortiz. Ten seconds and Khali had it won.

Match #6- Main Event with Jeff Hardy vs CM Punk. Special guest ref was Matt Hardy.
Near the end Punk used a baseball slide aiming for Jeff but got Matt instead. Matt then disrupted the three count, pulling Punk off his brother. Jeff was able to get a roll up on Punk for the win keeping his title.

What started off as a strong promise in the show with the Morrison vs Kidd quickly became hot dog material. Everything that happened this week between Match #1 and Match #6 was just filler. And bad filler at that. The feuds are not interesting, the matches are mediocre at best and predictable.

I do like that Punk is the Heel right now, but I feel his talents are wasted on having him paired against Hardy.
I would love to see a feud between Punk and Morrison. That would be worth watching for a few months.

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