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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Smackdown Results for 8/14/09

CM Punk opened with the best thing I have heard in years on this show. Ending Jeff Hardy

The first match of the night was Finlay vs Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler got Finlay trapped against the post and kicked him to the head. Mike Knox came down to ringside. Ziggler turned it into a mat match with submission moves. Finlay had a near fall. Knox interfered with a shot to Finlay's knee giving Ziggler the win

Second match was Morrison vs Punk. It was back and forth show of strength for the first few minutes with Punk getting the advantage. Morrison turned it around with a moonsault . Punk went to the second rope slamming his knees in Morrison's neck dropping him to the floor. Punk won the match with his GoToSleep.

Match #3 was a Diva's match. Melina vs Layla. Layla had an early near fall. She had Melina in a spider hold on the ropes. Melina managed to get the win

Match #4 was JTG vs Big Show. This was a waste, as it was all Big Show. This match was mostly an excuse to get Jericho on the mic.

The main event was Jeff Hardy in a handicap match vs both members of the Hart Dynasty. Tyson Kidd started it. Hardy looked promising for the first minute then Smith tagged in. Smith had a near fall then used a neck breaker on Hardy. Kidd tagged back in using his necklock. Another quick tag. Smith went back to a submission move with another necklock. Hardy broke it and failed with his whisper in the wind giving Smith the advantage again. Another quick tag. Kidd got the pin.
Punk, Morrison and Matt Hardy all did a run in. This lead to next week's main event being booked. A 6 man tag match with the Hardys and Morrison vs the Harts and Punk.

I am really liking the feud of Morrison and Punk. It is interesting and a solid showing of talent on both sides.
I am also really liking the Hart Dynasty. Since the show was in Edmonton this week, the Harts had a lot of fan approval.

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