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Friday, July 17, 2009

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for July 16 2009

Originally posted on Andrew and the Aluminumsidings on July 17 2009

Started this at 8am EDT....
I had to hunt online once again. Really going to have to start wearing gloves when I do, I don't even want to know what that sticky stuff is....(if you do not have cable why not get it? Because cable would be $60 a month Canadian and TNA is the only show I watch. Therefore, I download it normally from iTunes Canada for only $8 a month Canadian.)

Mick Foley started the show off by saying that he feels naked without the belt, and that no one would really want to see that visually......AAAAAWWWWWWWGGGGGHHH.... sorry got that vision stuck in my brain make it go away. He called out Kurt Angle and started talking about last week's match. Sting came out to need to get a new trenchcoat that purple is just....too bright. Kurt's little rant about the "new wrestlers" not wanting to work hurt, um sorry ? Isn't the reason so many of the "older wrestlers" are half dead on pain pills and the like because of working through the pain? Isn't that why so many "older wrestlers" are all physically messed up? Sorry if I feel the idea of not working through the pain is the smart way to heal.

Samoa Joe started beating the dren out of Amazing Red backstage before bringing it to the ring for their match, but not before sending Red rolling head over feet down the ramp from one kick.
It was then a DQ on Joe after only one muscle buster.

What the freal? (frell for all those who are on me for the spelling) The episode then just died. I suppose the dude who uploaded it got slammed. So I waited half the day for iTunes Canada, okay it was there and I tried to download it....but got this message "while you were buying the product it became no longer available" What? You just added it just now? How can it not be available? Is there something about this show this week people don't want me seeing? Finally Spike's official website had it....It is now 6pm picking up where I left off this morning....

AJ Styles and Beer Money Inc vs MainEventMafia. Nash/Booker/Stiener. Styles and Steiner started off. Then all hell broke loose, and Nash eleminated Styles. I got distracted by bordom and paid little attention. Steiner eleminated Storm. So this left it a handicap match MEM vs Roode. Roode had a low blow on Nash eleminating him. Booker eleminated Roode. MEM won.

Team 3D 's promo, had the subtitle on the bottom for the official Twitter. I follow TNA on Twitter, follow JB as well....anyway their promo was about their match this weekend at the ppv with British Invasion.

Abyss always referring to tv shows...he should blog about it ....oh wait he does.

Jeff Jarrett on microphone during Sting vs Angle. Yeah boring I don't care about Sting or Angle.

And the MotorCityMachine Guns! Chris Sabin vs Suicide in a non-title match. Did Alex Shelley come to the ring in track pants and a belt? Dude love you to death but that is too skinny. Suicide had a few nice arm drags that would have tossed Sabin right out of the ring if he'd a let go but he held on. Sabin then sent Suicide across the ring where Shelley grabbed the leg, Suicide then stomped his hand. Sabin then had Suicide on the ropes which let Shelley deliver a beautiful kick to the skull. And Sabin who is part monkey had a top rope close line that missed, but he was able to land on his feet. A couple of near falls but Sabin kicked out. Suicide then tossed himself over the ropes to land on Shelley. Sabin was going for his hesitation drop but Suicide turned it into a face slam into the second turnbuckle. Then Suicide won the match. (stupid masked freak.) Shelley then crawled into the ring and spit into the mask (it's a mask you know a face guard) then hog tied him while Sabin grabbed a chair and landed a leg drop over Suicide's neck slamming him into it. (yay) . Tonight's X-Division match has been brought to you by the 3 of Swords Tarot card (cause it was all "S" named wrestlers) Homicide did a run in save after the beat down, and cashed in his briefcase for the X-Division belt. Homicide won.

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