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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Why We Are Not Covering ECW

Simply put. We can not.
ECW does not air in our city, and since the official WWE website uses Hulu players, which does not allow for Canadians to view Hulu content,  we at the moment can not bring you ECW coverage.  

We are doing our best to hunt down youtube footage of ECW shows, but so far we keep getting nothing but "content has been removed because of violation of copyright"  messages. 
When we find away to view ECW shows, we the team of Blind Tag Blog will start to cover it.

Resistance is futile

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  1. I just did some googling and found that ECW is on Global on Friday nights at midnight. This is great that it's on but it's at a horrible time. Now if you don't have a satellite dish you probably don't get Global on Shaw cable. I do have a Bell dish however, watching wrestling on a friday night is a problem for me. I don't tape wrestling.. no pvr/vcr. I have the same issue with smackdown. I haven't watched since they moved it to friday night many years ago. So, until then it's Raw and Impact for me.