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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Smackdown Results : 7/03/09

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Again, our normal WWE guy was working so I did the review this week.

The show opened with CM Punk addressing the ppv The Bash and his match against Jeff Hardy. 
This lead to the announcement of them being a tag team in the main event against Edge/Jericho.
The first match of the night was Ricky Ortiz vs Finlay. Ortiz gave Finlay a leg sweep off the apron which forced Finlay onto his back then continued with a power slam onto the floor. Finlay some how managed to fight back and got the win with a cross slam.
Dolph Ziggler then went against R-Truth. Ziggler had a nice under hook slam on R-Truth turning it into a false pin.  After some back and forth, Ziggler pulled it with a neck breaker for the win.
Rey Mysterio vs Kane in a non-title match. It was nice to see them pick up their feud from last year. This was the first of the night's main events. Kane looked like he was in total control even with the chants of 619 from the crowd. He had a few false pins even slammed Rey into the steel post. Rey gained some headway using kicks to Kane's chest as well as a drop toe hold that landed Kane face first on the top turnbuckle. After a few more false pins, Kane got the win using his trademark choke slam.
The Smackdown debut of the Hart Dynasty vs Cryme Tyme was a sad showing. Cryme Tyme came on strong for the first half but it was turned around quickly by a suplex from Smith.  Using an under hook arm drag/hip toss combo Cryme Tyme turned it back around in their favour getting a win with a blind slam.
Diva's action saw a tag team match with Michelle McCool/Layla vs Melina/Maria. McCool is the new Women's champ. Maria got a few false pins near the beginning, but was soon suffering a leg injury as McCool worked on destroying her knee. Melina ended up getting the pin over Layla with the leg closeline.
The main Event of the night was another tag team match.  Edge/Jericho vs CMPunk/Jeff Hardy. I was interested in how this would work given we had 3 Heels in the ring.  It looked like an early win for Hardy but Edge broke the pin by using the ropes. Jericho showed a nice amount of talent against Punk, but not enough to keep the quick tags from happening between Hardy and Punk. It was starting to look as if the two could work together as they used a step ladder effect.  Edge was slow moving in this match. Hrdy had a few false pins over Edge before splashing himself on the turnbuckle. Punk's continued "eye injury" kept him from tagging in leaving Hardy to be worn down for over half the match. Jericho got nailed in the jaw by one of Hardy's high flying moves. A blind tag on Punk let to him getting crashed in the far corner by Jericho and Edge. Hardy soon got revenge by faking an eye injury of his own, leaving Punk in line for a spear from Edge.  Jericho/Edge won this keeping their title belts. 


  1. sounds more entertaining than raw. I really should start watching smackdown.

  2. C.M. Punk is really the star of Smackdown.