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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Jesus Christ .... I can't believe you went there

CM Punk. In the beginning I was cool with the anti-drug message. We even called it "his Jesus Christ Pose".
Damn it! Us here at the hardcore Vamps Prods., office regret having ever said that, cause he's really turned it into a Jesus Christ Pose. Or poser as the case may be.

I was watching a snip from this week's Smackdown and I had to come write this. Its gone too far. Way too far.
The scene I just witnessed was a woman running up to him saying she needed him. Like that's not every straight man's urban fantasy? A woman saying they need you so much they can't live without you or what you have going.

Not only has the last few weeks of "saving your soul" military hair cuts been too much, he's even got the Jesus Christ facial happening. Punk this is in bad taste.

I don't see how religion and politics fits in what is suppose to be a "family" show? Not that the WWE is too concerned with what they are showing kids who happen to watch every week (another rant for another time)


  1. oh god what are they thinking I know I've been having issues keeping up with smackdown but good god what are they thinking. CM Punk is a freakin' idiot now.

  2. hey there! where is this weeks smackdown?