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Monday, January 25, 2010

Smackdown Results :01/22/2010

Match #1 Batista vs Finlay. Batista got Finlay into the corner then showboated letting Finlay get a series of forearms then a drop kick from the second rope. Finlay got two near falls before kicking Batista out of the ring. Batista then tossed Finlay into the announce table getting a DQ.

Match#2 Drew McIntyre/Jericho vs John Morrison/R-Truth. Morrison and Jericho started with a modified sleeper, before Jericho slammed Morrison with a shoulder block. Morrison countered with a deep arm drag and a drop kick. Truth tagged in and they used a double team move on both of the other team. Truth used an armbar on Jericho as Morrison tagged back in. Jericho turned it in his favour with a closeline but Morrison got a scissors kick knocking Jericho down. Morrison ended up on the wrong side of the ring and tossed out. Jericho dragged Morrison back into the ring using a hard sidewalk slam on him. McIntyre tagged in with a series of stomps on Morrison. He then used a short closeline for a near fall. McIntyre had Morrison in the middle of the mat working on the shoulder. Jericho tagged back in with a large stomp before going back to work on the shoulder. Morrison fought back with a short backbreaker and grapevine on Jericho. McIntye tagged back in ripping apart Morrison. Morrison got it back around for a moment with a kick but McIntyre got another near fall. Jericho tagged back in with another backbreaker on Morrison. Jericho was going for a superplex but Morrison blocked it and used a crossbody for a near fall. McIntyre tagged in using a half submission hold before a suplex for another near fall. Morrison managed to get a DDT on him finally able to get Truth a tag. Jericho tagged in . Truth used a spin kick and roll up for a near fall. Truth did use his trademark scissors kick for the win.

Match #3 Cryme Tyme vs Knox/Haas. JTG and Knox started it off with a collar tie up before Knox tossed him into the corner but JTG used a money flip to get the advantage. Haas tagged in only to be hit with a series fists. Then Kane came down to the ring, tossing everyone out.

Match #4 Great Kahli/Matt Hardy vs Hart Dynasty. Hardy and Kidd started with a wrist bar on Hardy that was turned around and Hardy used a closeline on him. Some double teaming in the Hart's corner, with Smith holding Hardy while Kidd used a double leg drop on him. Smith tagged in and used a vertical suplex dropping Hardy hard. He then when for a submission move trying to keep Hardy from tagging out. But Hardy managed to get a side-effect on Smith and used a small package for the win.

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