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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Raw: 1/11/2010 -Highlights

It's really late this week. Sorry. WWEGIRL is having some family issues right now, hopefully she will be back soon.

Mike Tyson was the guest host this week.

He was joined in the ring by Sheamus, then Cena, Orton and Kofi all decided to join the party.
A three way dance was booked for later in the show, Cena vs Orton vs Kofi. Winner will face Sheamus at Royal Rumble later in the month.
Side note, Randy Orton was having a hard time keeping a straight face while John Cena made reference to the Tyson video game.

Match #1 Divas match. Kelly Kelly vs Alicia Fox. Fox started with a forearm and a high knee to the face of Kelly Kelly before slamming her into the top turnbuckle. She got her down on the mat with a choke hold and a handful of hair. Kelly Kelly got out of it turning it into her favour for a moment by using a cross body outside of the ring. After getting back into the ring Fox used a power slam roll up for the win. Fox will continue in this Diva tournament next week.

Match #2 Legacy vs Evan Bourne/ Mark Henry. Bourne and DiBiasi started. Bourne went into the ropes using it as a springboard then getting DiBiasi in a scissors move before using a drop kick to throw him off balance. DiBiasi kicked him out of the ring while Rhodes used a cheapshot on Henry. DiBiasi got Bourne in the middle of the ring with a modified choke before Rhodes tagged in. He got a near fall before using closed fist to Bourne's skull. Rhodes got Bourne up in a slam going for a second near fall, before slapping on another modified camel clutch submission move. Mark Henry tagged in, using a series of forearms on Rhodes before a massive power slam. Bourne tagged back in just as DiBiasi ran into the ring. Rhodes used his crossroads for the win.

Match #3 Swagger vs Santino . Swagger got Santino slammed into the corners, before dropping down on him in a belly flop. Swagger was then tossed over the top rope being eliminated. Santino won by default.

Match #4 Cena vs Orton vs Kofi. Cena and Kofi worked together getting Orton out of the ring. Cena used a fishermans suplex on Orton just before Kofi attacked Orton with a series of forearms. Sheamus came out to ringside to watch, which was just the distraction Orton needed to get back into the ring and knock out both Cena and Kofi. Orton had Kofi in the middle of the ring in a choke hold submission while Cena was out on the floor after having been tossed into the announce booth. Kofi got out of the hold, just as Orton DDTed Cena on the second rope. Kofi went for a crossbody on Orton for a near fall. Orton used a hangman jawbreaker on Kofi as Cena bulldoged Orton then Cena went shoulder first into the post, giving Kofi a chance to put an SOS on Orton for a near fall. Cena slapped and STF on Kofi. Kofi then knocked Cena out of the ring, and Legacy got into the ring letting Orton get the win on Kofi.
Orton will face Sheamus at the Rumble.

Match #5 Divas match Eve Torres vs Katie Burchill. Katie had Eve on the mat with a simple knee to the spine before Eve rolled out. Burchill used a slamming backbreaker across the knee for a near fall. Eve came back with a short arm closeline for a near fall. Eve used a drop kick, but Burchill got another near fall, before Eve used a simple roll up for the win.
Eve will go against Mayrse in the Diva finals.

Match #6 DX vs Jericho/Tyson. Tyson started with HBK, tossing him across the ring a few times before running into Tyson and getting dropped to the mat. Triple H tagged in getting into a collar tie up in the corner. Triple H started a shoving match with Tyson, before Jericho tagged himself in with a series of forearms to Triple H. Triple H then used a high knee on Jericho. HBK tagged in, but Jericho got a near fall on him, HBK then nearly ripped Jericho's tights off for a roll up near fall. Tyson tagged back in, just as Hornswaggle joined the match. Tyson then turned on Jericho giving DX the win.

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