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Friday, January 8, 2010

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for Jan 4th 2010 (Monday Night 3 hour special)

Originally posted on Andrew and the Aluminumsidings on Jan 8th 2010

Okay I had to wait for Spike Tv official website to have it. And I realize by now everyone and their dog's grandmother has already seen the show themselves or has read other site's spoilers/reviews.

So going to do this way different today. First off, everyone has been hearing about the fact the replay which is what this is that I saw, was edited from the live show massively. Hold your crickets, this is a flat out bitch fest me ripping apart everyone and everything.... Oh it's on!

You morons in the line talking to whoever the freal that was with the frealing mic, shut up! You don't know dren from good chocolate.

I posted on my gozno blog about the very bad feelings I had all day Monday leading into the show. You can read it here and here I was so upset I did two blog posts on the topic. Caution I do not censor that blog

And the MotorCityMachine Guns! were part of the Steel Asylum match vs Homicide and Kiyoshi vs Creed and Lethal vs Suicide vs Amazing Red. Okay so this was difficult to see as it was inside a large red cage. But I think I spotted Chris Sabin with forearms to Kiyoshi. Alex Shelley was climbing trying to win the match. I could not keep up with this one, the cameras were not close enough and it was chaos. And let's face it, I'm not happy at all about this whole mess and not even going to pretend to be professional this week. Jay Lethal went for the quick win too with a climb up the other side at the same time. Lovely, a chant of "let's go Shelley" Red had a spin kick that I couldn't even see who on. Sabin had a mule kick for Kiyoshi. Shelley fell from the top of the cage to the middle of the ring. Oh God! is he okay? Creed had Kiyosi up for a slam. Homicide turned on Kiyosi with a weapon while Lethal was choking Shelley on the ring apron. That got the whole match dqed. That is total bulldren and the fans know it! Oh jesus freal the other biggest piece of dren in the business just walked out of the frealing crowd. You are trying to make me vomit aren't you? Now is it just me, or did the look on Mr. Shelley's face show the same disgust as I am feeling? when he saw the bucket of dren climb the outside of the cage and sit on it?

Speaking of spoilers and stuff. I read that Alex Shelley has a possible back injury from that show. I hope he's okay.

I know Wolfe wrestled, Raven wrestled, the evil druid Matt Morgan wrestled (yes he came out in his robe again so he's once again the evil druid) but I'm just too pissed off with this episode to talk about much. I don't even feel like making a comment about waiting for that wicked trenchcoat of the Pope's. (which I am still waiting for someone in the X-Division to snag for me)
And since all I care about is the X-Division and Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin. That's all I will talk about this week.
Next week my temper will be under control and hopefully TNA will have gotten their heads out of their asses and be back to normal.

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